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step into who you are, why you are here, manifest your goals + succeed at your destiny 

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Manifest the thing you want AND have the experience you hoped for.

 Move past the blocks, be your most empowered and authentic self, and finally be happy.

Maybe what you want isn’t happening? Maybe you are successful at some things, but it's not making you happy. Pushing, forcing, + working hard isn’t working. You may find yourself working 40-60 hours a week where time, stress, freedom and burn-out are the cost of more money or success or the status quo.  When the life you want is out there somewhere just out of reach. You are losing the valuable time away from who and what you love. Your relationships with your family, romantic partners, and your Self pay the price.  Anxiety, stress, sleeplessness, frustration or feeling "something is missing" lets you know it is time to make a change. 

    What if you could have more time, money, AND freedom, doing what you love, and being of service? 

What if you could step into your full potential and be your authentic self all the time? What if you could turn on your natural power to know accurately, make the right decisions, take only actions that work, heal, and manifest with ease and joy?  You can.


Find a new job, start a business, live your purpose, be more empowered, solve problems, get lifestyle freedom 


You are in the right place.  We can help. 



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How to Succeed at your Goals 

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As Featured in the book: 

With Jessica as her guide, a severely disabled non-verbal autistic woman gets miraculous results that shocks doctors + inspires the world. She gains impossible new physical abilities, a better quality of life, and succeeds at her life purpose. A true story, it proves if she can do it, you can too! 
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Take stock of your entire year 2021 from your Soul and Source’s perspective.  See your wins, what you actually completed + what’s next for you in 2022. See your SELF differently and change your trajectory.
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LATEST ENERGY REPORT:  January 15 - 31 2022

Every Hero Needs a Guide

Every hero needs a guide who helps them to succeed.

To make a change, means stepping into the unknown. Saying "yes" is sacred.

It sets off a transformation has its own path that we must surrender to.

To win at your goal, you must become different.  More of who you really are. 


A guide helps you find the path, gives you the right tools, and helps you move past the fears, blocks, and defeat the "dragons" that would keep you from succeeding at the life you are meant to live.

Hi, I’m Jessica Martinson
Intuitive Guide,  Energy Healer,
Holistic Life & Business Coach

I believe you have a unique purpose and the power to succeed at your dreams, goals, and destiny.  It's how you are wired for joy. It is your birthright


Laser-focused, funny, and accurate, get the intuitive edge to help you find your path, get answers, have a plan, and get results + relief.


Cracking the code on a 100 year old scientific mystery, I reveal how to manifest what you truly want. Combining cutting-edge science + spirit I help you reach your true power + potential plus more time, money + freedom.


I provide intuitive sessions that feel like a "spa day with your soul",energy transmissions that heal and turn on your power. I provide training + coaching programs that transform...for a life you love


I specialize in supporting people struggling with stress and anxiety, life or career change, business, purpose + direction, spirituality, or autism


I help you move past fear, find your path, get answers,+ live your best life now


Whatever you are struggling with you are not broken. You can be your authentic self, live a life you love, and be happy. Success is possible. 


Holistic coaching with an intuitive edge can help. I'll show you how. 

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Stress or Anxiety 
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Life or Career Change
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Start or Grow a Business
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You are not broken.

You are perfectly built for your purpose. 

Discover how you are "wired for joy". Find out how skills, interests, and experiences point to your purpose, and being your authentic self can make a difference. 
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Jessica feels what is happening in your body, snaps and it changes...

Using cutting-edge science and spirit, Jessica is able to read your energy field (where all the information is about you), feel what is happening in your body in real time. She snaps or speaks and it changes. Coming from a state of Oneness, she is able to hold you in the truth of your perfection and help your body and being to align with that. 

  • When you body registers something that is true, it will begin to shift.  You may feel your body tingling, pain or discomfort clearing, more grounded in your body, inspiration, clarity, and connect to your authentic self.  

  • Because in energy there is no "time" and it all exists now, she is is able to help you feel your timelines, so you can choose the best options and clear blocks.

  • Like a spa day with your Soul, you can ask questions, get answers + direction.

  • "Messages " or a powerful  "soul journey" may be waiting for you, with a gift,  new understanding of yourself, skill, or upgrade

  • At the end, people often feel "clean", lighter, calm, peaceful, or energized. 

The Martinson Method helps you turn off the monkey mind, the last sign of separation, and unify with a higher frequency and your authentic self. There you can turn on your superpowers, connect to your purpose + path, know, manifest + solve problems easily


  • Even for regular meditators, this is something you've never experienced before. It is both very grounded in the body + very connected to Source + deeply you.

  • ​Once you experience the "energy transmission" with Jessica, you can access this state of being (consciousness) again on your own. It's a lifetime pass + practice. 

  • Go from everyday "3D reality" (or separation), to "5D or above" --  the threshold of Oneness with Source, who you really are, and your natural state of thriving.  


This is a unique experience you do not want to miss.

What  People are Saying

"I cannot begin to tell you what an amazing impact that Jessica has had on my life.  I was looking to change direction in my career and in my relationships.. Now, I have a lucrative new job, bought a new home, and I am being the kind of partner I want to attract.  People tell me how much I have changed and they can see a huge difference in my attitude, calmness, and attractiveness." 

Laura Benson, HR Executive

I completed an amazing 12 weeks with Jessica who contributed massively to my journey of manifesting my visions and being who I came here to be. With powerful insight, wisdom, intuition, and clarity, Jessica knows exactly what to focus on as part of the big picture. Together we took my business, and my person, to powerful new levels. She is also an absolute joy to work with!

Robert Bengtson, Founder
Inspiration Campaign

Jessica is incredible!  I have experienced more shift and change with her, than any other healer or coach. Within our first session, Jessica transformed my deep-seated patterns of unexplainable anxiety that I had for a decade. Since then, she has helped me to succeed at my path and purpose. I quit my job in the US and now, I am living my dream working in conservation with indigenous cultures in Africa and the Amazon.

S.A. Yee, Biologist & Healer

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With Jessica as her guide, a severely-disabled non-verbal autistic woman goes from unable to talk or walk on her own to running, communicating at a master level, gaining new physical abilities, coming back from death twice overnight, and succeeds at her life purpose and being happy


Using the Martinson Method, she turns on her true (super)powers, discovers she is not broken, stops life-threatening seizures before they happen, achieves Ascension (self-actualization) and thrives in this inspiring true life story she wrote with her mother.  


Documented by doctors and inspiring the world, her amazing journey proves no matter what you are struggling with, if she can do it you can too.


Your difference is perfect ( and tied to purpose). Nothing is wrong with you


Serving the most highly-abled execs to the most severely disabled autistics, this process works for everyone to reach your goals + live the life of your dreams. 

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