Everyone has superpowers. Find out yours  and how to access them. 

Know, heal, create and more... (to empower Who You  Are and your purpose)


Think of the last time you had a profound peak spiritual experience or awareness. 

Remember how you felt in your body. Was it strong, clear, sure, and connected to your inner resources?  

Maybe you can even feel it now…


What if you could feel that way all the time? 

What if your natural state was access to your superpowers of intuition, healing, co-creation and more

that point to your unique purpose and direct experience of Oneness? 

You can. 

In this life-changing, interactive experience I will help you to:  


  • Feel Who You Are (breathing tool for Oneness with your authentic self) 

  • Identify when you step out of Who You Are and how to fix it 

  • Daily tool for clarity with fear, frustration, indecision, or trauma

  • Discover different types of superpowers 

  • Experience superpowers and explore your own

Jessica Martinson is a high-frequency awakened being with a compelling array of superpowers. As a healer and mentor, she has the ability to feel what is happening your body in real time and accurately read your energy field. Funny, grounded, and practical, she has 20 years experience as business consultant and coach in the corporate world, and a Masters from Columbia University in Business. Known for her energy transmissions and ability to change the physical state in a moment, this is a unique experience that you do not want to miss.