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In college I had two sets of friends, one were the business and science set... very analytical, the future titans of America. Business people, politicians, scientists, engineers, and the like...wily conservatives and liberal across the spectrum, sharp as tacks, and who loved to make me laugh. 


The other was spiritual and artistic powerhouses... fun-loving, creative musicians, actors, singers, artists, philosophers, healers. Thoughtful and deep in feeling, everyone loved them, they could draw a crowd from the entire school when they threw a party, and they always had a good time.


I found that my business friends were able to manifest what they wanted easily but it did not always have the soul of what they truly desired. As a result, they were often dissatisfied and always chasing the next thing.  


My spiritual and artistic friends usually felt good, they were passionate, often had deep satisfying relationships, and miraculous things would periodically happen to them....but physical things often alluded them. They often struggled with money or health. 

The Question: 

My question was: How do you create like gangbusters what you want with the soul of the experience you truly desire ?

Little did I know this little questions was going to lead me on a lifelong pursuit...and become the central point of my work. 

Perfect except with "a wrinkle": 

These two group had something to teach each other, I thought. Each group had the answer the other needed.


However... like oil and water, they didn't really mix. They didn't even speak the same language!  My spiritual and artistic friends usually talked about how things felt to them and it is how they determined truth.  My business and analytical friends needed proof and worshipped numbers as the holy grail of fact. 

I realized that I would need to discover their secrets on my own. Then, maybe I could find a common language that could unite them so they could learn from one another. 

The potential payoff was big:  In essence, it was the secret to all creation.  Discovering the secret to having what we truly desire, with the soul ~ or experience ~ we intended is everything.  


Consistent, repeatable, and at will. That is success. That is ultimate power within, to effect without. 

To have what we truly desire is often to express our purpose  ~ our very reason for being here ~  as well a source of pleasure,  joy, abundance, safety, stability, and well-being.  These (and others positive feeling states) are what we crave, and what I call the "divine attributes".  They are at the core of what we all truly desire.


These in fact, are our natural state.  Discovering ~ and finding our way back to them ~ is coming home. 

The Discovery of a Lifetime:

The journey led me to discover the common language among these two disparate groups: ENERGY.   


Energy is the bridge to both in science and spirit.  


Energy is a scientific term that is well studied by scientists. Energy is what makes up everything in existence....you, me, the wall, and everything that you desire, think, or dream of.  


It also has an experiential (or feeling) context... something can have a "good energy" that feels positive or right.  It is a term used in spiritual, religious, and artistic circles.  It is often accurately predictive.  It can give a glimpse into the future. It can tell you about what something really is to you.

While I researched and practiced the secrets to masterful leadership in my business coaching and consulting over the years,  influencing people to grow thriving businesses, fulfilling lives, and meaningful social impact...


I was also delving deep into the science, math, and philosophy behind luminaries like Einstein and Bohm. They demonstrated that everything is interconnected, things can change instantly no matter the distance, and matter is malleable.  


The energy that "makes us up" is dynamic...not static like we thought.  Energy is actually a wave of numerous potentials that snaps into one form (or outcome) among them... and we have the power to change it.  We have always had the power to change the outcome, but we just didn't know how. 


Within the study of energy contained the secrets to how we effect the world around us, how we can successfully have what we desire, experience of what we truly want, and surprisingly led me to discover fundamentally who and what we really are. 

Leadership is all about influencing people...my profession taught me that.  This life mastery was not only influencing people, but influencing physical things and outcomes...that's what business is. It is about bringing things into their highest order and potential expressed. That is the crux of what life coaching and mentorship is about too. 

In my journey,  I discovered that energy is not just a science or an experience, it is a language, it is the how the fabric of all reality "speaks".  Somehow in this process, I learned the "language of energy".  I learned how to speak, translate it, how it works, and how to change its form.


What I do may seem supernatural, like appearing to pull information out of the air or changing someone's physical state from a distance, but I assure you that it is completely natural. It is the next step in application of the work of pioneers like Einstein and Tesla and others almost a century ago. If you allow the implications of a connected universe to change your perspective and inform what is possible, then it changes the purview of what is possible as human beings, what our role is in the universe, and how we can't get it wrong with truth, love, and being who we really are. 

What I offer you in these pages, my teachings, and services is the culmination of 20 years of dedicated study in many disciplines, a Masters degree from Columbia University business and leadership, a professional career guiding quantum leaps in businesses and for leaders in the field since 1997.


There is also channelled information from higher dimensional sources to pick up where science has not yet discovered, hard-won trial and error, and a dedicated passion, curiosity, practice, and commitment to purpose that has led to blossom of life masteries that are now available to you. 



Digestive wellness

Food allergies & intolerance

Healthy cooking / meal planning

Diet and Detoxification

Elimination diets

What to Expect


three superpowers. 


feel what is happening in your body

change form of energy

these are what she calls the fundamental superpowers

and she teaches them. 

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Change the form of energy 

Transmissions, your body may tingle or change in sensation. Physical outcomes change. New abilities. 

Truth allows energy to change immediately. 

Unifed with oneness. 

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