GET A NEW JOB that Fits You

New job or career, more money, and lifestyle freedom to do more of what you love.

 What could it do for you, your family, and your world?  

When a resume writer just won't cut it...

 Life at a crossroads requires decisions not wordsmithing. 


Gain direction and clarity.

Stuck or struggling?  Get a job faster or explore other  options to meet your goals.


Get clear about your unique professional story and value 

To gain more interviews and money


Find the "right fit", gain confidence, and be happyMeet your goals  express your talents, and enjoy your lifestyle


Get accountability and effective next steps to reach your goals. Faster path to more money, time, and freedom. 

Help Starts Here..


It's time to make a change. 
Get the help and accountability you need to succeed.


  • Find the solution and make accurate career decisions quickly and with confidence.

  • Coaching can pay for itself. Save time and gain more money, when you get a job faster or build a thriving business

  • Find a job you will want to stay in (rather than "hate" it and have to job search all over again)

  • Career assessments are too generic at this stage, you need something specific, actionable, and tailored to you. 

  • Better than floundering on your own, taking shots in the dark, or seeking advice from well-meaning, but often untrained people in your circle. 

Get the next steps and “how-to’s” tailored for your unique problem.

Results often include more time, money, happiness, empowerment, and freedom. 

Gain success on your own terms. 


Benefit from the whole person approach to:

1) Find the right fit for your “mind-body-spirit” 

2) Discover how your unique professional story provides value to employers/ clients and how to use it to get more time, money, and freedom.

3) Expertly navigate what is going on in the market, your industry, and find “real world” opportunities to meet your goals.



People of all ages can benefit including:

1) people new to the work force

2) mid-career

3) seasoned professionals


I serve a wide range of clients in many industries, including in technology, business, law, engineering, sales, consulting, and other professional services. I also serve creatives like graphic designers, architects, actors, artists, dancers, spiritual teachers, and makers. My approach is supportive to both "thinkers" and "feelers" (right and left-brain types), that activates your natural way of thriving.



I serve people all over the world via phone and video sessions. I practice the freedom I teach, I travel worldwide teaching and coaching.  



Because just a resume writer won't cut it.  Life at a crossroads requires decisions not wordsmithing. 


Benefit from seasoned expertise, that has served tens of thousands of people over two decades, with great reviews and results. Get a leg up with the intuitive edge to help you to get an inside track.  Grounded, relatable and experienced, this advice will help you navigate the pitfalls to your fastest path forward.


You can begin to feel success TODAY.  My approach provides relief and results at each session. 


Book your complimentary 20 minute consultation and take the next step to achieve your goal. 


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20-minute phone consultation. Discuss your issue or goal and how we can help.  No pressure, no risk offer. Just answers


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1x1 Support

 Get clarity, understand the problem and how to fix it. Gain clear next steps, clear blocks, learn tools, gain accountability. Solve it.


Service worldwide  by phone or video call.


Session are confidential 


Optional recording offered. Enjoy listening to

your session again.


Succeed at your goal when you invest in your outcome. Find out if coaching is right for you. 

Serving worldwide.

Based in California & Bali

Creator of the Martinson Method,  

Advanced Manifestation for Life and Business Success

Sovereignti:  Life, Career, & Business Coaching 

Tel: 415.251.4300

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