What if the true story of Mary Magdalene

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Crack a 100 year old scientific mystery...

Go on a modern-day medieval pilgrimage, an "Indiana Jones style" Grail quest to

Discover the "one story, one message" passed down by a hidden history over 20 centuries

That thousands pf people died to protect.

Solving a ancient riddle at the root of every world religion (and our very own lives)...that changes everything

prophecy fulfilled,

Discover the lost story and teachings of Mary Magadelene for the first time,

the original teachings of Jesus, untouched by the Church 

It is revealed for the first time: answering who we are, why we are here,

and how manifest everything you desire and succeed at your destiny. 

and uncovering your true (super)power...


All other truths go underground in story and legend, until its time to be revealed again.

Nag Hammadi Dead Sea Scrolls 

Found in 1945 in clay jars hidden in the desert from the 3rd century (after certain stories were voted out of the bible at the Nicene Council for political reasons). The scrolls and other lost texts (called apocryphal texts) offer evidence that Mary Magdalene was the wife of Jesus, they had a family, and was known as the "Woman Who Knows All".  

It makes a case for women's leadership and the divine feminine archetype as an important part of the human ascension (awakening) process.

Fact: Mary Magdalene was the "Apostle of Apostles"

First among the disciples and Jesus' successor, Mary Magdalene was the "heir apparent" to carry on the teachings.  

After the crucifixion, she escapes with some of Jesus' inner circle. Peter (who hated women) stays and founds the church.

She lands in the South of France and teaches the purest form of Jesus's work, which has been kept underground until now.

Basilique of Saint Marie Magdalene, France

Depicts Mary Magdalene and her companions sent off to sea in exile after the crucifixion on a "rudderless boat". (Low relief, in gold-leafed wood, from the altar of the Rosary in the Basilica of Saint Mary Magdalene)

Fact: Jesus's story was changed 

The story of how "man becomes divine" is one that has been told in many traditions, 

coded in sacred symbols across time and many cultures. However, the modern Jesus story has been altered.  

Find out how a small change hides your true identity, power, and pathway to enlightenment.  

Fact: Vatican says the church is wrong

The Vatican formally acknowledged in 1969 that they were wrong.  

Mary Magdalene was NOT a prostitute. The story was made up by Pope Gregory I in a homily in 591 AD.  

Officially, she is a saint, first among Jesus' inner circle of teachers, and a rich upper-class patron who helped finance Jesus' mission. 

The Vatican

The Vatican

Fact: She holds humanity's most important secret

Her teachings took hold in the South of France, Italy, and Spain. 

People dedicated their fortunes and families to the cause. Soon, collectively they were considered a powerful force. 

Her message of freedom and empowerment was seen as a threat by the ruling class of power, and they paid the price. 

Her followers were hunted, persecuted, and killed for 2,000 years in a dark hidden history to suppress it. 

Fortunately, some escaped and passed it down in secret, which is finally ready to be reveal today.  


Cathars, Templars, and"heretics" in many ages

were attacked and killed by the King of France, the Pope,

and others to eradicate any potential threat to their power. 

Fact: Mary Magdalene's teachings are known

Her message offers a pathway to awakening and the essence of original teachings of Jesus, 

and the core essence of many other spiritual and religious traditions.

Her message empowers people to remember who they are as One with the Divine and return to their natural state of thriving.

It restores the divine feminine archetype excluded from history and scrubbed from most major religions,

 and it is the missing piece for manifestation and restoring expression of our divine being. 


After a 7 year globe-trotting journey, I found myself on the top of a mountain in the South of France. 

Handed the baton, now it is time to share her story and message. 

It holds the missing piece for humanity's true freedom, awakening, and power through love and truth. 


For the first time, learn the story and receive the messages as a powerful transmission to activate for your growth.


Terton, able to decode and reveal secrets of locations, read sacred symbols, piece together the story through direct download, visiting the landscape, guided journey led me to discover and bring back her teachings, story and message.


Why:  terton, soul mission (unique purpose), transmissions (unique superpowers)

What you get

discover how: