Superpowers "turn on" when your Authentic Self joins in Oneness

with its true Divine Nature. 

Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, and avatars and saints

from every tradition performed miracles. What if those abilities are naturally yours too?  


What if science proved superpowers were not only possible, but our

natural human state? 


What if the "superpowers" and miracles of Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, and avatars of every tradition

were supported by science?


A 2000 year old story, contains an error. 

Worth killing for, it starts with murder,  it gives control to an elite, and ushers a lack of human advancement for1000 years.

Still told today and culturally significance, the hidden truth holds the key to our power, freedom, and remembering who we are.  

"This and more you shall do." "Do not worship me." (Bible quotes)

In modern terms, Jesus was saying... "Hey, I'm a human like you and I'm just an example of what's possible here. You can do this too... and even more awesome stuff! Focus on learning how I'm doing this."  In fact, Christ was not his last name; it's a title given for a state of being fully awakened in consciousness (Oneness).  In other words, all these miracles and "superpowers" are possible when you increase your consciousness. Other spiritual masters throughout the ages would echo this message too. 


The idea that Jesus wasn’t human only began in 325 AD at the Council of Nicaea.

It was then that a group of about 300 men (bishops) voted on which stories were going in the Bible. The decided the ones that did not fit their narrative (now called apocryphal texts), and set the official church doctrine.  To early followers closer to the actual events, Jesus was always considered enlightened, gifted... and most certainly human.  THE MESSAGE? As a human, what he did was ultimately possible for other humans too. 

The Biggest Scandal at the "Making of the Bible" 

The divinity of Jesus was hotly debated for a month.  In the end, those that believed he was "human" were excommunicated and exiled...and later killed. It began the practice of enforcing church law (or requiring people to agree) through government power. It led to a tradition of suppressing resistance to Christian doctrine through violence and justifying it as martyrdom.

Painting from the Mégalo Metéoron Monastery in Greece: The Council of Nicaea, with Arius depicted as defeated by the council, lying under the feet of Emperor Constantine.


The outcome was disempowerment and control.  People needed an intermmediary to connect with God.  Also straddled with "original sin" that meant they were unholy and needed to atone for someone else's sin, meant that humans are less than and guilty, not people trying to come remember their divine true nature and reclaim their very human power  ultimately possible for other humans too. 


A 100 year old scientific mystery, confuses scientists.

It holds the key to your power and how to succeed at your dreams.

It is the most important thing humans can learn. 


Scientists know we have this power, since the early 1900's (thanks to Einstein and others)

But even today, they just don't know how we influence one outcome to happen instead of another. 

(People just do it by default, and so our results can be inconsistently - wee don't know why we may not reach our goals -- 

and as a result we are really powerless. )

Double Split Experiment 

Depicts Mary Magdalene and her companions sent off to sea in exile after the crucifixion on a "rudderless boat". (Low relief, in gold-leafed wood, from the altar of the Rosary in the Basilica of Saint Mary Magdalene)


That's where Oneness comes in.  Our spirituality moves us from being separate from everything

to being One, unified, or connected with everything.  Then we have the ability to affect it with greater command. If nothing is separate, and everything exists now, then its all accessible. 


If superpowers are our human potential, then how does it work? 

Everything is made of energy. You , me, the chair, the thing you most desire.

Energy exists in two forms: A wave of multiple potentials that snaps into one form.

The Martinson Method of Manifestation influence things to unsnap from their current form, back into a wave of potentials, and move into its highest outcome.  Instantaneously.

Nag Hammadi Dead Sea Scrolls 

Found in 1945 in clay jars hidden in the desert from the 3rd Century (after certain stories were voted out of the Bible at the Nicene Council for political reasons). The scrolls offer evidence that Mary Magdalene was the wife of Jesus, they had a family, and she was known as the "Woman Who Knows All" (including all of Jesus' inner teachings that the other Apostles did not have).  


Everything is made of energy.


Energy exists in two forms: A wave of multiple potentials that snaps into one form.

The Martinson Method of Manifestation influence things to unsnap from their current form, back into a wave of potentials, and move into its highest outcome.  Instantaneously.


The Vatican formally acknowledged in 1969 that they were wrong.  

Mary Magdalene was NOT a prostitute. The story was made up by Pope Gregory I in a homily in 591 AD.  

Officially, she is a saint, upper-class rich patron who helps finance Jesus' mission, and first among Jesus' inner circle of teachers. 

The Vatican

The Vatican


Her teachings takes hold in the South of France, Italy, and Spain. 

People dedicate their fortunes and families to the cause. They become a powerful cultural, political, and financial force. 

Her message of freedom and empowerment is seen as a threat by the ruling class, because they couldn't control them.

Her followers are hunted, persecuted, and killed for 2,000 years in a dark hidden history to suppress it. 

Fortunately, some escape and pass her teachings down in secret. Hidden until now, they are finally ready to be reveal today.  


Cathars, Templars, and"heretics" in many ages

were attacked and killed by the King of France, the Pope,

and others to eradicate any potential threat to their power. 

Fact: Mary Magdalene's teachings are known

Her message offers a pathway to awakening and the essence of original teachings of Jesus. 

It also has the core essence of many other spiritual and religious traditions.

Her message empowers people to remember who they are as One with the Divine and return to their natural state of thriving.

It restores the divine feminine archetype excluded from history and scrubbed from most major religions,

 and it is the missing piece for manifestation and restoring expression of our divine being. 





Scientists also saw that time and space acted differently.

Things could change instantly, no matter the distance, if they were connected.

(That’s faster than the speed of light, people! Which is supposed to be as fast as anything can travel. So from an old scientific perspective, it’s impossible! But true...)


…And the truth is we are all connected. 




Time was also accessible in past, present and future.  It exists all at once.


…And it could be “read” and changed. 


This is known as a quantum way of interacting with reality.


It makes a case for being able to know things, heal things, and change physical reality as natural to us...




"SUPERPOWERS" are normal.  


(For science folks: It is a quantum way of interacting with reality from oneness --- or connection --- with it.) 


After a 7 year globe-trotting journey, I found myself on the top of a mountain in the South of France. 

Handed the baton, now it is time to share her story and message. 

It holds the missing piece for humanity's true freedom, awakening, and power through love and truth. 

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