Frequently asked questions

Superpowers: What are they? How do you get them? Who has them?

Are superpowers "talents" that people are born with or are they developed? Both. Everyone has specific gifts and talents. When practiced, they develop over time. Everyone has access to " basic superpowers". These include the ability to accurately know, heal, and co-create. These are your natural “sovereign” human abilities. Each of us also has " unique superpowers" that are specific to you and your purpose. Unfortunately for most of humanity, they have been “turned off”. Dormant for millenia, people have come to believe they are magical or supernatural, when in fact they are based in science. I can help empower you to: discover yours, turn them on, and show you how to use them

Read your Field: How does it work?

There is an infinity field in the center of your heart (where you and I are One and connected to All That Is). I access your energy field for answers. Orchestrated by the heart, this is overseen by Love. You are holographic. You (and all parts) are a connected to the Whole. It gives access to Everything that is yours to know. Get clear about what questions you would like answered. Just like a map, it is important to know where you want to go to get there. (I can show you how to do it too. It is one of our natural sovereign abilities.)

Body Wisdom: How does it work?

Science proves that our body knows more quickly & accurately than our mind ever will. From Oneness, I can feel and interpret what is happening in your body in real time. It responds immediately to truth and offers insight to what is happening with you. (I can show you how to do it too. It is one of our natural sovereign abilities.)

Change the form of Energy: How does it work?

Everything is made of energy. Energy is a wave of potentials that snaps into one outcome. Science proves that we can change the outcome. I can access energy at the level of energy. (Energy is the lowest common denominator of all matter, in other words, everything that exists.) From Oneness, it is helpful to think of it as I can help to "unsnap" something from the form its in (back to its wave form of potentials) and help it to snap into what is true / its highest form.

How is this different from other healing practices?

Often healers "run energy", meaning they project energy from their body to the recipient such as in Reiki or hands-on healing techniques . I do not. I change the form of energy with Source - it is a "whole other ball game". You may spontaneously experience a change in your body or being from simply being in the field of presence, by a word, a snap, command, feeling, or transmission. Being in relationship with Source energy / Oneness shifts things into their highest outcome when we allow.

How is this different from other intuitive practices?

Guidance is very specific and detailed. It is interactive and experiential. I ask you not to take my word for it. I empower you ~in real time~ to feel its truth in the moment. The intention is to help you to make a shift in the now. Every session is powerful and focused on leaving you with value, insight, transformation, relief, healing, and/or solutions. Unified with Oneness, I operate from very high frequency and level of consciousness. Other practitioners access lower ones, and guidance can be limited. I am deeply embodied and grounded, so it is both practical, true, and effective. You are interacting with a body of original work, I have been developing over 20 years from many cross disciplines. I offer experiences of its principles, tools, and practical application.



Sovereignty is freedom, power, and personal authority as One with Source.

When your soul fully embodies your physical body through your breath, 

you end temporary separation from Who You Are. 

(I show you how to do this in minutes.)

 In that moment, you are no longer controlled by trauma, fear, programming, or limited beliefs.

Your greater superpowers turn on, including your ability to co-create.  

It enables you to live your purpose and enjoy the life you truly desire.


It is your natural state of being.


This state of Oneness with Source and being Who You Really Are

 is the most important thing you can be, do, and have

for it brings everything else in



Frequently asked questions


How and when do I pay?

We accept all major credit cards. Payment is due at the time an appointment is scheduled or at the beginning of program enrollment.

What can I expect?

People often experience:

  1. Greater clarity and/or healing in your situation or experience
  2. Tingling in the body or face
  3. Release of fear, traumatic energy, heavy emotions, stuckness, or pain
  4. Energetic transmissions or upgrades
  5. Ability to feel and understand your body/being's wisdom
  6. Feel more grounded in Who You Are and alive
  7. Feel a greater sense of relief and confidence moving forward
  8. Ability to make a decision
Greater clarity, confident decisions, and healing are a natural outcomes of sessions. Your body shifts at the level of energy when it resonates truth.

How can I prepare for our session?

To prepare for our session together, it is recommended to:

  1. Get clear on what question(s) you would like answered.
  2. Decide your intention for and /or ideal outcome you would like from the session.
  3. Take some deep, calm centering breaths (to the best of your ability) before the call.
  4. Be ready to receive the answers / what you are asking for.

What do I do after the session?

If we have done a lot of shifting /healing in the body, it is recommended to:

  1. Notice what is different
  2. Drink a lot of water. You can add a squeeze of lemon and a pinch of good celtic sea salt or Himalayan salt. ( Helps restore balance and electrolites.)
  3. Take an epson salt bath ( Helps discharge, remove, and restore energy to the body.)
  4. Sleep and/or rest. Take it easy for 24-48 hours. Your body will integrate for you.
The Universe organizes to build on what we learned. For best results, in between sessions:
  1. Please do your homework
  2. Listen to the replay audio / video (recommended at least once)
  3. Notice what is different
  4. Practice the tools
  5. Take action on your awarenesses, as you are impulsed.

How often?

  • Most people do sessions weekly or every two weeks. (That helps to give you a chance to integrate what we have discussed and take action, and keeps the momentum.)
  • Readings can be offered one-time, or as needed.

What is the investment (financial exchange)?

I offer one-on-one sessions and custom programs. Please contact to inquire. This process teaches you a way to create from and with your connection with source. This is different than the mind-driven approach in separation (ego). It is essential to abundance. For many clients, there is often a considerable return on your investment in opportunities, resources, time, financial abundance (money), and/or success, specific to what we are working on. To have what you desire, you need to be willing to trust and invest time, money / resources, and energy into a change. You must be willing to commit to having what you desire. You must also be willing to let go of the blocks standing in your way. My coaching programs are built to serve you in the best way to achieve results.

Where do I access my recording?

You have the option to have a recording of your session. To get it:

  1. Please notify that you want a recording before we start the session.
  2. Recordings are uploaded to Dropbox, and an email with the link sent to you.
  3. Please download the file within one week.
  4. Note, I do not do anything with your file. They are exclusively for your private use only.

How do I schedule?

Contact me via email with:

  • Your time zone (where in the world you will be contacting me from)
  • 3-4 specific days and times you are available
  • Your name, phone number, and email address
We will get back to you to suggest or confirm the next available appointment(s).

Where are sessions?


  • Sessions are conducted online via video or by phone. (I send you a link to connect.)
  • This allows me to serve people all over the world. (We'll coordinate time zones.)
  • The work is the same in the room or across the globe. No difference.
Recording Option (included free of charge):
  • I offer a option to receive a recording of session for your use and review.
  • Recordings are confidential and for your personal use. Information will not be shared for any reason without written consent or unless required by law.
  • Recordings are uploaded to Dropbox and a link sent to your email for download.

Cancellation and Rescheduling

If you need to cancel a scheduled appointment, please contact us at least 24 hours before the session. Sessions cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment may be forfeited. Sessions are non-refundable and non-transferrable as a part of the coaching commitment. It is intended to help you stay inside of the decision to the change you said yes to and achieve the results that are your goal. Sessions can be rescheduled for new appointment. Session credits do not expire. Just contact us when you are ready to set up a new appointment.

Late for appointments

Please be on time for scheduled appointments. It helps us to better serve everyone. If you know that you will be late for an appointment, please contact us as early as possible to let us know. If you are late for a session, it cuts into your appointment time. It puts pressure to create results in the same amount of time. Session time is time for YOU. Please honor and gift yourself to make the most of it. Late more than 15 minutes, without notication will result in cancellation of the appointment.

The Work