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Jessica Martinson has the ability to feel what is happening your body in real time and accurately read your energy field. Funny, grounded, and practical, she has 20 years experience as business consultant and coach in the corporate world, and a Masters from Columbia University in Business. Known for her energy transmissions and ability to change the physical state in a moment, this is a unique experience that you do not want to miss.

Your Hidden Power

Science, spirituality, and the stories of humanity tell us one thing:

 You have a hidden human power. 

It brings greater freedom, truth, and purpose to your world.

 Our Story

Decode the message hidden for humanity in everything

One Message

Co-Creation 101

Discover how co-creation

 works from Oneness

Be Who You are and stabilize your consciousness



Access your natural superhuman abilities

Empower Your Purpose 

Gain personal sovereignty as Who You Are, activate your superpowers to express your unique purpose, and co-create from Oneness.  

Return your life, business, and your world to its natural state of thriving. 

Intuitive Sessions 

Solve a problem or get

guidance on your path or purpose

Live Event

November 4th, 1-3pm 

Access Your Superpowers

The Light Center, Black Mountain, NC


Business Consultation  

Purpose, performance,

and growth 


Training in consciousness,

co-creation, and

multi-dimensional living

You Are Needed

"Now, more than ever, it is important to stabilize our consciousness, activate our purpose, and gain the knowledge of how Oneness works. Creation from Oneness is different than creation from a dual reality. Duality produces results that have the experience you want and don’t want…you experience both. 

From Oneness,it is possible to experience just what you intend."

- Jessica Martinson  

Your Body's Knowing

"Science proves your body knows more accurately and faster than your mind ever will.

Turn on the wisdom centers in the body to accurately know.   "

- Jessica Martinson  

"I cannot begin to tell you what an amazing impact that Jessica has had on my life.  I was looking to change direction in my career and in my relationships. I felt peace and a strong trust in her. We worked on my past perceptions and self talk that does not serve me. She has given me unique tools to to find my direction and sense of peace. Now, I have a lucrative new job, bought a new home, and I am being the kind of partner I want to attract.  People tell me how much I have changed and they can see a huge difference in my attitude, calmness, and attractiveness." 

Laura Benson, HR Executive

I completed an amazing 12 weeks with Jessica who contributed massively to my journey of manifesting my visions and being who I came here to be. With powerful insight, wisdom, intuition, and clarity, Jessica knows exactly what to focus on as part of the big picture. Together we took my business, and my person, to powerful new levels. She is also an absolute joy to work with!

Robert Bengtson, Founder

Inspiration Campaign

Jessica is incredible!  I have experienced more shift and change with her, than with any other healer or coach. Within our first session, Jessica was able to transform my deep-seated patterns of unexplainable anxiety that I had been working on for a decade. She doesn't just tell you the answers, she helps you find them within yourself and integrate them into your life. Working with Jessica has helped me to move further and faster on my path (towards embracing my gifts, and full purposeful living), than I could possibly have done on my own. 

S.A Yee, Biologist & Healer

What People Are Saying 

There is nothing wrong with you

"Your sensitivity to energy, ability to feel deep emotions, or sense other people's thoughts and feelings are a part of your superpowers. You just may not know how to use them.


As a result, it can lead to overwhelm, addiction (to try not to feel as much), illness, pain, or just thinking you are different. 

Get the right tools. Let me show you how."

- Jessica Martinson  

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