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Jessica taps the air and your body changes.

Get next-level manifestation. Learn how.  

Live a healthier, wealthier, more fulfilling, passionate and purposeful life – whether that means achieving in business, changing jobs or careers, or gaining the lifestyle freedom to live or travel anywhere in the world.  Empower your relationships. Discover who you really are.  My one-on-one coaching program, training systems, live events, and group workshops will help close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Tap into your energy and manifest your best life today. 

  Jessica Martinson 

Funny, grounded, and practical, Jessica Martinson has 20 years experience as business consultant and coach in the corporate world. She has a Masters from Columbia University in business, leadership, and transformational change, and is known  "The Catalyst". 

She has helped thousands of people to find their calling,  get more money and meaningful jobs, build and grow businesses, gain the lifestyle freedom to live and travel the world. Activate your unique  superpowers,  thrive in relationships, and be your authentic Self.  She loves helping people double  their income (or more) in half the time spent at your 40-60 hour-a-week job... all in just a few months. Escape an uninspired life today into the one you were born to live!


The Experience

As a thought leader in Oneness, she bridges business,  science, and spirituality for "real-world" results.    She is a Master Coach, energy intuitive, and Ascension guide (self-actualization).  She developed an original energy technique called the Martinson Method that gives her the ability to feel what is happening in your body in real time and accurately read your energy field (where answers are to your burning questions). She opens your ability to experience your authentic self  in minutes, empowers you to manifest your vision, and activates your higher human potential. This includes your ability to know accurately. Known for her transmissions, she has the ability to change the physical state in a moment...and shows you how to do it too.  This is a unique experience you do not want to miss. 



 "You feel your body changing when you are with her." 

"Being with Jessica is like having a profound experience with your Soul." 

"A cross between X-Men, the DaVinci Code’s Mary Magdalene, and the Secret."

Your Best Life Starts Here...

Authentic Self + Find your Calling 

Discover who you are, what you you are here to do, and how to get there.

Catapult Your Career 

Get clarity and direction.

Get a new job or career. 

Enjoy more money, time, and freedom.

Supercharge your Business  

Double your income in half the time?

Do what you love. Make a difference.

Take your business to the next level

or start one.

Live Your Best Life

Get the life and freedom you deserve. 

Travel the world, find your tribe (or home), enjoy soul-satisfying relationships, do what you love. 

soul power 



Learn how your personal development can help you make your dreams a reality. 

Live Your Calling 

You are here for a reason. Now is the time.

Gain the clarity and direction you need to do it. 

Where will life take you?

Your Body's Knowing

"Science proves your body knows more accurately and faster than your mind ever will.

Turn on the wisdom centers in the body to accurately know.   "

- Jessica Martinson  

"I cannot begin to tell you what an amazing impact that Jessica has had on my life.  I was looking to change direction in my career and in my relationships. I felt peace and a strong trust in her. We worked on my past perceptions and self talk that does not serve me. She has given me unique tools to to find my direction and sense of peace. Now, I have a lucrative new job, bought a new home, and I am being the kind of partner I want to attract.  People tell me how much I have changed and they can see a huge difference in my attitude, calmness, and attractiveness." 

Laura Benson, HR Executive

I completed an amazing 12 weeks with Jessica who contributed massively to my journey of manifesting my visions and being who I came here to be. With powerful insight, wisdom, intuition, and clarity, Jessica knows exactly what to focus on as part of the big picture. Together we took my business, and my person, to powerful new levels. She is also an absolute joy to work with!

Robert Bengtson, Founder

Inspiration Campaign

Jessica is incredible!  I have experienced more shift and change with her, than with any other healer or coach. Within our first session, Jessica was able to transform my deep-seated patterns of unexplainable anxiety that I had been working on for a decade. She doesn't just tell you the answers, she helps you find them within yourself and integrate them into your life. Working with Jessica has helped me to move further and faster on my path (towards embracing my gifts, and full purposeful living), than I could possibly have done on my own. 

S.A. Yee, Biologist & Healer

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