Combining the best of science and spirituality in a modern context,  

I show you how to find, activate, and use your unique power for 

practical everyday use.

Empowering Your Purpose:

Stabilizing Who You Are, co-creation from Oneness, and

finding and mastering your superpowers to express your purpose


Conscious people have a deep purpose here on the planet. In fact, we have already succeeded. 


Together, we have already cleared enough human density and embodied enough light to create a critical mass in consciousness that has changed everything.  

We avoided the timeline for apocalypse and earth disaster in 2012. This was one timeline possibility for the Mayan prophecy of Dec 21, 2012 ( also echoed in prophecies from cultures around the globe).  This has never before been achieved in existence and is truly a triumph. 


Since the 2012 choice point, (which completed and reset a 5,000 and 25,000 year cycle), we have been in the process of more deeply embodying and stabilizing Who We Are in Oneness. We have been unifying the non-physical and the physical, and bringing our soul expressions into greater form. 


For many, things are being prepared for you to express your purpose in a new and deeper level in the world. This is a welcome change for many people who have been focused "underground" for many years clearing density and engaged in personal development.  


This moment in time is the culmination of many lifetimes for most of you. It is the moment we have been waiting for and building into for so long. Your purpose, your presence, and consciousness is more important than ever. You are here right now for a reason. 

With the critical mass of consciousness being achieved, it now has enough momentum at its tipping point to pull everything into consciousness. It is already done. As we continue to affirm and embody its truth, we will continue to see this unfold for the foreseeable future with and through us. 


We have cleared the pass, and now all the systems are realigning. That means old systems are in chaos. Many world-events big and small demonstrate the death-throws of its resistance and collapse. New systems that align with more light and unity are emerging. Many of us are being called to be the builders and conduits for these new and higher light level expressions. 


Now, more than ever, it is important to stabilize our consciousness, activate our purpose, and gain the knowledge of how Oneness works. Creation from Oneness is different than creation from a dual reality. Duality produces results that have both the experience you want and don’t want… you experience both. From Oneness, it is possible to experience the just what you intend. 


This work is offered as a place to support you with the tools, knowledge, frameworks, and practical applications for you to succeed succinctly.  It’s intention is to build a community of people in their Sovereignty. (Sovereignty is freedom, power, and personal authority as Who You Are .) It is intended to support and unite people in their soul expressions.  It creates a place to access, utilize, celebrate, and collaborate with each other in our purposed expressions, and share in the joy of beingness. We are all holding a piece of the web. 

Welcome to the new Humanity.  Join us. You are needed.

    --- Jessica Martinson


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