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In college I had two sets of friends:  1) Business and Science folks and 2) Creative and Spiritual ones.    


I noticed that my business friends could create like "gangbusters", but  they were often unsatisfied, They didn’t get the experience they were really seeking — so they were constantly chasing “the next thing”. 


My spiritual and creative friends were always having a great time (if you wanted to have a party, these were the guys to know.) They had the experience they wanted, but were often broke and sick.  (They often struggled with physical things.) 


I realized that each one held a part of the secret to manifestation: having the physical thing you desire with soul of the experience you intended. 


I thought, “If I could only get them together in a room, then we could solve this age-old question.  Then, everyone would have the tools to create what they truly desired and fulfill their purpose or destiny.” 


We would even have the power to make positive changes on tough problems in the world. 


To me, it was THE #1 MOST IMPORTANT question for all humans: How to manifest?


Without it, you would constantly struggle even if you put the work in --- and may NEVER reach your goal.

The Vatican

How the talk together goes "in my head"


But, never the two shall meet. They didn’t like each other.  They didn’t even speak the same language.   


My business and science friends felt that numbers — facts and figures— were proof that something was true. 


My spiritual and creative friends believed their feelings and experience to determine what was right.


I needed a bridge for these two worlds — a common language — so each could share their wisdom “piece of the pie.”


Together we could solve this crucial question...

Feeling and Experience vs. Facts and Figures = Reality?


I turned to energy. 


Everything is made of energy — so it includes all things:  Both things that we want (unmanifest) and things that exist (manifest).

It has a spiritual context and a scientific one.   Perfect. 


My goal was to study energy (its fancy name: quantum physics), to have a common language each one could relate to as true. Then, translate what we discovered into practical application that the "everyday person" can use to improve his or her life. 


SIMPLE, I thought. 


…I discovered a lot more than I bargained for.   


Like falling down the quintessential rabbit hole, I learned that we do affect physical reality. 


Scientists just didn’t know how we do it. 


They found out that physical reality is much more fluid than we thought. Energy is literally a “wave of multiple potentials” that snap into one outcome, affected by our thoughts, beliefs, and expectations.


We could snap and unsnap that outcome based on our energy.


…And we do.  We just don’t know how we’re doing it,


So we don’t know how to command our energy or power,  and often feel powerless!


Two facts that give you the power to change your world.  


Energy makes all physical things and can change instantly, if connected. No matter the distance.

You are connected to everything. 


Time is accessible in past, present and future. 

It all exists now. Once you connect,

it can be “read” and changed.

Learn how.


After 20 years of research, combining disciplines — including science, spirituality, and business — I discovered the code scientists couldn't.  The answer unites perspectives and gives practical application. I show you how. 

  • Turn "on" your ability to manifest (co-create)

  • Learn the practical step-by-step process to bring your dreams to life, consistently


  • Discover the one thing to avoid failing at your goals....  


  • Get long-lasting, stable results.  

  • Built-in fail-safe for positive, "life-giving" co-creation...

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