Standing on a mountain top in the South of France, my 7-year journey ended.

A search for the lost divine feminine (who was scrubbed from history) is found.  

Learn who she is, her story and message, and why she is important to you today. 


Answers to these questions and more are found here.

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These are the questions that led me through my awakening.   The answers changed how I see myself and interact with reality.  

The results have increased how quickly one can step into self-actualization, and into what I call personal sovereignty.  (That's where Sovereignti with an “I” comes from, my friend, representing you!).  


Sovereignty is a little different from self-actualization. Self-actualization is a state of awakened consciousness where you become Who You Really Are and realize your true potential. (We cover that too.) Sovereignty is freedom, power, and personal authority in Oneness. It has an added power element that allows you to command in co-creation. That changes everything. 


In the coming weeks and months I will be sharing my stories. 


Globe-trotting, visiting sacred sites, and ancient landscapes speaking to me to reveal their secrets.  

Decoding humanity’s spiritual codes into one universal message and how-to story. 

Helping real folks step into their power and doing amazing things. 

And of course, my discoveries to these life-altering questions.  

( They are the foundation for all the work, so you'll be hearing a lot about them!) 


The silly, the funny, the profound. 

Great photography too…


Join me. I can’t wait.  

With love, 

Jessica Martinson

A PersonalMessage from Jessica