TUNE-IN: ENERGY REPORT for JAN 15 - 31, 2022

Today I want to give you: 


1) Energy Report for the last two weeks in Jan 2022:  


There are three themes to guide you....

  • Don’t Panic 

  • Plan and Prepare 

  • Rest when you can 


2) Direct Message from Source 

ENERGY REPORT SUMMARY:  Sharing “Where we are in Transformation" as a Collective...


Things are just starting to rev up here as we start heading toward February, but the entire of month of January is still internally focused.  This makes sense coming off of the two major transformation cycles we ended the week of New Years Eve.  We have been still processing what that change means for us.  We have been asked to take stock and find a new trajectory or plan, based on what is possible now with all that cleared space.  The main things has been about "seeing your Self differently", which opens up vastly new possibilities as you turn towards and into your new level of purpose.  


Things will  start to move externally the first week in February, so things are building to that.   That will set off / kick off the next few years of quantum leap change from 2022 through 2024.   This is catching the external world up with all the changes in consciousness that have occurred since the Mayan Calendar shift of Dec 2012. Ten years out, this has had the opportunity to integrate and bring up a lot of contrast and highlight areas of misalignment and inequalities, and separation from our true nature as one with God.  That plus, now with the next level of our purpose going forward… there is a lot to share this week and this year…. So stay tuned and check out the energy report video here




With the opportunity to take stock over the past two weeks of your past 2021 year, and larger life in review, you should be leaning on some basic truths about what is coming with you and what is being left behind.  Because all of this has been creating space for the new you, there is nothing stopping you or standing in the way of all that we have promised you...and for everything going forward as planned.  What we would caution you is in getting overly optimistic on (or attachment to) “how these days are going to go”  because as we have said before there is nothing like expectation to spoil your days.  Instead we would suggest a cool, calm, and collect demeanor of sorts to help you to take your days in stride — and never forget WE are with you (Source)… So, because that is the case, we would invite you to smile and go about your days as everything is fine.  Really, everything is fine. Because what is coming ahead of you is glorious.  


Definitely leave shame and mind loops over “mistakes” in the rear view mirror,  as you are in process of changing the  story from the "old story of your life” — coming from your trauma and karma stories of the past, and into "the life you were born to live" opening here in 2022.  

 Jessica Martinson 

Jan 15, 2022

Calm Lake

Jan 15 - 31, 2022

Lots of internal changes preparing to move forward to catapult a year of change in 2022, but what to expect in the next few weeks? 

Here's how to navigate the last two weeks of  January 2022

Image by Mike Enerio