We are engaging in a powerful transformation process together designed to help you to step more fully into who you are, meet your goals, and succeed at your purpose. The Martinson Method does this quickly, powerfully, and sustainably.  


It has its own process (organized by the Universe in divine perfection) that begins the moment you say yes to the process (on the first consultation or intro session).  Know I’ll be with you every step of the way through the coaching process.   It just requires commitment, heart, and courage to take you where you want to go.


The transformation process is like a wave — with peaks and valleys (or troughs or “dips” in the wave).  The peaks can be high moments of illumination, realization, healing, progress, and gains.  Troughs of the wave, or the “valleys” can be wonderful moments of rest, relief, and integration. They can also be  moments of intense challenge or “final tests”.  


Sometimes in these moments, clients may want to disengage from the process.   In your experience, that can look like avoidance, being late for, forgetting or cancelling appointments, or not doing homework.  It can show up as increased resistance or physical discomfort that leads to flattening feelings of hopelessness, doubt, or desire to give up.  In its extreme and most unhealthy, it can even look like the propensity to blame, attack, or create negative projections for your coach and guide (as an unconscious way to “get out” of the process).  

If or when this happens, just know this awareness is a powerful tool you have now.  (This is actually a GOOD thing. You have the power to change how you respond or react. )


These moment often happens right before a big breakthrough, or right after one (to make sure you are really, really sure you want the “win”).

Here's what you can do when that happens: 


  • Just stop what you are doing and bring awareness that this is a “trough moment.” 

  • Troughs or valleys are a natural part of the transformation process.  They serve a great purpose to move through blocks and old patterns, and expand our sensation, abilities, and command.  They move us towards our goal.  This is a GOOD THING.  You are ready for a breakthrough!

  • However, how you respond and react to them can be your choice.   It can be the difference between winning and losing at your goal in the moment. 

  • What is really happening is that your mind, ego, or old pattern is aware that this is “the end”.  It knows that “if you continue on this path”, “what is not serving you” will die off; and it is trying to protect itself.   This is the test…. and you are about to get what you have been asking for and end this pattern or layer of it forever. 

  • I just ask that you stick with the process, trust in yourself, and trust in your coach.  In this moment, you want to keep communicating with me in your pre-session update emails, so that I can best partner with you. It is often when you need most support.  

  • Remember, this is the moment that determines if you will succeed at the breakthrough or have to go through the cycle again.  With this awareness and tips, you are ready to win! 

Calm Lake


The Process

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