The Martinson Method connects you with Who You Are and your power to manifest.

Feel your authentic self in a way you have never experienced before.

 Open the door to higher level living, make your dreams a reality, and gain the tools to thrive.

The Martinson Method:
An easy-to-use, breakthrough method that combines energy and your authentic self to manifest your dreams and purpose. Results that are fast, easy, and often better than you imagined. Thrive in every area of your life.  Manifest with Source. 

Superpowers: What are they? How do you get them? Who has them?

Are superpowers "talents" that people are born with or are they developed? Both. Everyone has specific gifts and talents. When practiced, they develop over time. Your superpowers tie to your purpose or expression. They are also the activities that often bring you the most joy. Everyone has access to " basic superpowers". These include the ability to accurately know, heal, and co-create. These are your natural “sovereign” human abilities. Each of us also has " unique superpowers" that are specific to you and your purpose. Unfortunately for most of humanity, they have been “turned off”. Dormant for millenia, people have come to believe they are magical or supernatural, when in fact they are natural to you and based in science. I can help empower you to: discover yours, turn them on, and show you how to use them

Read your Field: How does it work?

There is an infinity field in the center of your heart (where you and I are One and connected to All That Is). I access your energy field for answers. Orchestrated by the heart, this is overseen by Love. You are holographic. This means that you (and all parts) are a connected to the Whole. It gives access to Everything that is yours to know. When you get clear about what questions you would like answered, your intention, or goal, the Universe organizes to help you. Just like a map, it is important to know where you want to go to get there. I can do this and show others how to do this too!

Body Wisdom: How does it work?

Science proves that our body knows more quickly & accurately than our mind ever will. Your body is trying to give you messages all the time about what is true and right for you. Unfortunately, many have forgotten how to hear it. From Oneness, I can feel and interpret what is happening in your body in real time. It responds immediately to truth and offers insight to what is happening with you. (I can show you how to do it too. It is one of our natural sovereign abilities.)

Change the form of Energy: How does it work?

Everything is made of energy: from ideas to everything physical, like your body. Energy has two forms. One is a wave of potentials. Then it snaps into one form. Science proves that we can change the outcome. From Oneness, I can help "unsnap" something from its current state and into its highest available form or outcome in the moment. Because energy is without the limits of space and time. It can change instantly.

How is this different from other healing practices?

Often healers "run energy", meaning they project energy from their body to the recipient such as in Reiki or hands-on healing techniques . I do not. I change the form of energy with Source - it is a "whole other ball game". You may spontaneously experience a change in your body or being from simply being in the field of presence, by a word, a snap, command, feeling, or transmission. Being in relationship with Source energy / Oneness shifts things into their highest outcome when we allow.

How is this different from other intuitive practices?

Guidance is very specific and detailed. It is interactive and experiential. But I ask you not to just to take my word for it. I empower you ~in real time~ to feel its truth in the moment. That allow you the certainty to act on it. The intention is to help you to make a shift in the now. Every session is powerful and focused on leaving you with value, insight, transformation, relief, a new level of wholeness, and/or solutions. Unified with Oneness, I operate from very high frequency and level of consciousness. Other practitioners may access lower ones and guidance can be limited. I am deeply embodied and grounded, so it is both practical, true, and effective. You are interacting with a body of original work, I have been developing over 20 years from many cross disciplines. I offer experiences, tools, and training for practical application making it simple and accessible to everyone.

Why "energy"?

Energy makes up all physical (and non-physical) things. It is what everythign is made of. It has two forms: one a wave of potential outcomes, and then it snaps into one. Science proves we can change the outcome. We want to influence it to manifest results quickly. Energy has both spiritual and scientific properties. I combine them for easy, practical and effective tools you can use to improve your life and results everyday.

Why is your authentic self important to manifesting?

Your authentic self allows you the ability to influence the form of energy. Energy exists in two forms: as a wave of potentials and then, it snaps into one form. You are able to directly influence the form it snaps into from your authentic self. This gives you the abilty to manifest, influence results, and outcomes. I show you how to do it, with my tools, trainings, and transmissions.

What is Oneness with Source?

Oneness with Source means that you are connected with your divine true nature. You are not separate from God, the Universe, Source, Oneness, All That Is or whatever word you use for the divine. (You really feel it. This is fullness of your true authentic self.) In energy, science proves we are all connected to everything. We can never be separate and have all the properties of the Whole. From an experience of Oneness with Source, you are able to "read" and influence the form of energy (everything), because all the parts are one with you. You also influence from the truth of its being. It will resonate to that higher outcome. (In other words, heal, return to Wholeness, or re-solve it in its highest form of agreement.)

How it Works 


When your soul fully connects with (embodies) your physical body through your breath, 

you end temporary separation from Who You Are. 

(I show you how to do this in minutes.)

 In that moment, you are no longer controlled by trauma, fear, negative patterns, or untruths.

Your monkey mind turns off. Your greater superpowers turn on.  

Get back your power to create and enjoy the life you truly desire.


This is your natural state of being.

With the Martinson Method tools, transmissions, and teachings, open the door to higher level living in a state of grace.


This state of Oneness with Source and Who You Really Are

 is the most important thing you can be, do, and have

for it brings everything else in... FAST. 

Welcome to the Martinson Method -- Manifestation through Source.