Energy Update with Jessica Martinson: July 2, 2018

Energy Update this Week: July 2, 2018

Delightful people, welcome. We want you to know "the train has left the station". The pleasure you are feeling now, overall, will continue into the new year. This is where the boat has left the dock, graced with the clicking of a champagne bottle to the bow. The expression "cooking with gas” comes to mind.

So if fear comes up, discount it. Never mind it, just turn you attention to what helps you to feel good again. There is simply no problem that cannot be addressed when you focus on the positive and gratitude. With that in mind, we would like to leave you with a poem to carry in your heart for this week:

When you are sad,

Be glad

When you are glad,

Be happy

When you are happy,

Be ecstatic

And start all over again.

It is the ladder to the highest vibration that you can muster at this time and it will make a big difference.

Jessica notices that when she is happy and really radiating joy, people from all over, in restaurants and other places, make their way to meet her. In that way, people she can serve naturally make their way into her “stream of de-light”. She can serve them in the moment, and more later in their growth of happiness ... Being Who They Are as Source. What a wonderful mission!...that all that is required is to show up and shine.

When you do, all things fall into place, just as they are supposed to. Jessica discovered this herself this week, as she made plans for her summer world travels: how easily and effortlessly everything falls into place without effort or force. It is like the bridge to “the next” is stretched in front of her. Even if she cannot see it, she can feel it; She knows it, until it finally appears. The confidence is there. (Video below.)

End transmission.


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