Energy Update with Jessica Martinson

A lot of things have shifted, so be prepared.

Nothing is the same anymore. When you speak, do so with confidence and be aware, as nothing is the same again. With the turning of the Solstice, marks a new era this year that revokes the struggles of the last three and moves you squarely into an accelerated time of success to your own degree.

This is not a time to sit back, although there is some fears in there that sitting back will cause hardships, but it is time to find what will be the most fulfilling and doing that.

Because things are so sensitive right now, in terms of energy, it requires your dedication to Source alignment. When you step out (of alignment), it feels like you "go crazy” and things go astray. Stay centered and your success is assured.

Jessica this week moved cross-country for the summer and is squarely based westward as she ascents into the skies for her profit.

The important part for her is to keep centered as she is traveling again in unknown territory as she expands and lives to the fullest to discover new things, people, and places in her travels.

She also writes and crafts a story to share about herself and to inspire that will gain benefit for all who hear.

Trust in your inner guidance and all you hear from your deepest aspects that align with courage. We want to say that it is accurate to accept that the old is no longer and that your ascent into your wildest dreams is imminent.

For this first-wavers that find themselves in new territory, we would like to say be kind and find your way for deep self-satisfying before you weigh options. Everything has distinct timing, and efforts in the wrong direction or space will be deeply frustrating. Nothing is as it seems as it disintegrates and builds to the new.

Be careful of your judgments and stay neutral in your faults as they are organizing into something new. Stay spry and reluctant for anyone else’s judgements on your process and journey, for if they are not in your shoes, they may be unable to fully understand your motivations and quest. See it to the end.

End transmission.


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