Energy Update with Jessica Martinson

The week will begin a bit more busy than others as things come off to a good start from some of the awarenesses of the weekend. The choices you have made or are making will come to fruition this week, as we come into the middle of summer. Things are full now with the harvest and you should be feeling that.

One thing we would caution you is to stay optimistic about the future. There are a lot of pieces falling to place at the horizon line (in front of you). Keep focused in your “now” and the things unfolding in your immediate future. These will give you hope to find the strength to continue on through any bumpy times of the next eclipse cycle (July 27th).

Finally, find your hunger. Where are you still hungry? What are you still hungry for? Make a decision this week to allow more of it to come in for you. Align with it, and watch it roll in.

Yesterday was a particularly special day for Jessica on the celebration / feast day of Mary Magdalene (July 22). She visited Grace Cathedral in her hometown of San Francisco. Mary Magdalene is venerated there and the church has particular ties to Chartres Cathedral. (Chartres in France is the oldest medieval church in the world. It had a well-known mystery school that kept alive some of the teachings and traditions of the divine feminine for centuries.) It is in essence a “local chapter” of the same mystery school tradition, and has two Chartres labyrinths on the property and a famous 11th century Chartres stain glass window of Mary with child, gifted from Chartres. They also have a very well-known piece of artwork of Mary Magdalene, depicting a Byzantine story of a miracle she performed of turning an egg red as proof to Caesar that Jesus had risen from the dead.

End transmission.


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