Energy Update with Jessica Martinson

Energy Update for the Week of July 30th:

What a great time to be alive! There are things twisting and turning in ways that you are simply not aware of, so be conscious that things unexpected might come up... things you felt you dealt with, only to take a turn of confidence. (Things that will delight you, and shake your sense of control.)

That said, there are some beautiful things on the horizon that are unexpected too. Be on the look out for all the beauty in your life and REALLY take it in. More freedom is available to you, if you just look around and see it, rather than “looping” the same stories in your mind. Really, these are suspect these days. Examine how or if they take you deeper into yourself and your true being... or away.

There is no thing more important than the now moment to follow the feelings and sensations inside of you.

End transmission.

Superpowers at Sephora

I had a wonderful experience with a shop person at a makeup store today. In three minutes, I showed her how to be able to discern if something is right for her.

As she strolled with me around the store recommending beauty products to address my problem, I waved my hand over each one and immediately had a “yes” or “no”.

Looking at me in amused curiosity, I said, “Oh sorry, I should probably explain. I have the superpower to be able to wave my hand over a product and see which one is right for me.”

(That’s shopping with me! LOL)

“Wow! I wish I had that too!” she giggled. “My face is a human guinea pig for all the products in here. Sometimes, I am allergic. I break out or it can burn my face. Other times, I spend a lot of money on products that don’t work so well for me.”

“If you’d like, I can show you how. It will just take a few minutes...”

(Read the rest of the story here...)


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