Energy Update with Jessica Martinson

Energy Update this Week: August 13, 2018

The tides have turned and nothing is the same as it was at the top of the summer. Your internal direction has shifted like sands of time on the horizon, and without warning you have stepped foot in a new direction in your heart.

Nothing that you planned has focused your heart, on a direction that is the same. But the creaking doors of time have opened a new direction like "un-locks" on your soul’s timelines. (As in, suddenly, you are ready for the next part of your destiny. )

Focus on what needs to be done right now in front of you and hope that things will stay steady as you walk across the bridge to nowhere yet . (The direction may not be seen, but the steps are crucial).

Finally, hope that there are tides turning to reveal a place for your heart to thrive. (It is there.) Much of what has occurred from the Lions Gate (8/8) has set directions on course that you can only just begin to imagine. (Functionally, all has shifted, even if you’ve yet to recognize the full course ahead.)

End transmission.

*The week's tune-in is a transmission from Oneness (All That Is, The Universe, the Divine, Source where all my information comes from), and serves as an offering of guidance for the week.

Globetrotting: Portland, Oregon

This week has been a wonderful adventure in Portland, Oregon. I had the great pleasure of visiting with a old friends from 20+ years ago.

Portland is really a thriving metropolis who has “settled into its bones” as it juggernauts forth to continued growth. I found myself really enjoying the food, the people, and a sophisticated creativity and commerce that was only nascent in my feeling of it 3 years ago. Now, it has settled into what it is going to be… and continues on its upward trajectory. I really could see myself visiting this city more often.

There are great mind and hearts all in the right place. People's consciousness were focused on how they could change the world and make positive impact through helping others. I was really touched by it, and blessed to support quite a few people on their soul path to make a difference here.


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