Energy Update with Jessica Martinson

Energy Update this Week: August 20, 2018

We want to say, no matter what “bad thing” happens this week stay positive. They are worlds away from where you were weeks ago...and we find that stepping into this next phase is creating quite a shakeup. Stay clear about your intention and steer clear of all the drama surrounding it.

We would suggest: “Finally see what is in front of you this week.” For years, you may have been struggling, trying to make a difference or a dent in the things you hold most dear. The time has come, my dears, that everything you have worked soooo hard for is finally come to fruition (or is peaking on the horizon for some of you reading this). Recognizing it is here makes a big difference, and changes everything.

Lastly, hold fast to what may seem to charge up from the past. But see your way around it this time, in a way that doesn’t nearly affect you as in the past. All you need to do to have the outcome you are seeking is turn around and face the other way. See another perspective. Let the sunset and don’t be bothered by the details of your old life going out. The new one is rising on the distant shore. Both are occurring at the same time.

End transmission.

* Jessica's Note: Wow! Did this tune in unfold for me this week in only 48 hours, see below....

How has this tune it played out for you?

*The week's tune-in is a transmission from Oneness (All That Is, The Universe, the Divine, Source where all my information comes from), and serves as an offering of guidance for the week.

Globetrotting: Aruba

Tune-in: My Personal Story

This week has been a whirlwind of wonderfulness in Aruba. It started on Monday morning... true to the tune-in, and I have seen everything here come to fruition in my life in only 48 hours.

My week started with water spilling on my computer, which is why this tune in was originally delayed... I started to realize that without it, everything would be affected. At the repair shop, the tech guy was so kind. He lent me his personal computer so I could not skip a beat.

(So even a "bad thing that happened" was not a big issue like it had been in the past.)

Then, the next day, I had a conversation with two of the most heart-directed women you would ever meet, who are committed to positive change. It was literally one of the best evenings of my life. I felt my life upgraded.

The floodgates of abundance opened up to match my shift the very next day, Sourced from another seemingly “unrelated” part of the world, to match my upgrade.

Then, I was able to see my own old patterns coming up to resolve... so I could leave them in the dust as I move forward with the full force of my purpose. A heavy dose of compassion, awareness, and decision with these old parts is required, that have “taken you this far, but will take you no further”.

I am looking forward to a workshop in Aruba this weekend, empowering women to move deeply into their authentic self and intuitive superpowers, to make positive change in their worlds. Click here learn more...

Also to see more stories and photos from my time In Aruba, be sure to check it out and follow on Facebook and Instagram.

Including an epic party, stunning photos, and friendship...


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