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Energy Update this Week: Sept 10th, 2018

As many of you know... I don't talk a lot about the dark. This week I did the tune-in twice to make sure I got it right. Here you go!

Of the many things to express this week, the darker elements that surround are ones to note. There are finally a break in the system that had been upgrading all season and into the night the protections that were safeguarding the populace on the ground. For reasons, unknown there has been quite an uptick in the efforts of men to keep out the bad and instill the light, at the expense of dark elements to have their say. Finally, a moment of clarity this week and they are all cast aside. Find the elements that are needed to say, “I’ve got you!” (like catching the shoulder of a thief in the night) and cast it away.

Besides vigilance, there is one more thing we would suggest at the moment: Find your bliss. In the midst of hardship or rage or silence, there is grace. There is grace under every rock and sea (see). There are hardships in the corner being swept away. There are fights that are won, even before they are over, thanks to you. (Your presence assures it.)

End transmission.

*The week's tune-in is a transmission from Oneness (All That Is, The Universe, the Divine, Source where all my information comes from), and serves as an offering of guidance for the week.

What is going on this week?!: Dark energy, chaos, or silence

I've received quite a few emails, experiences, and session conversations this week all things pointing to the fact that it has been an unusual and highly energy-packed one. Even I had my own intense experiences over the past few days, since Sunday when the eclipse portal shifted out. Here is some more information to explain what you may be experiencing...

This week has been put us past the eclipse portal from the summer, starting on Sunday (Sept 9th). For many it has been either of two experiences: all the old leaving that doesn't match for some, and /or silence and spaciousness for others. On the other end, it puts us squarely in a next phase and with all cylinders integrating from the summer's work, and transitioning us PHYSICALLY into the next. This past week very much has been about physicality, boundaries, letting go, or rest.

Spaciousness means that you were being taken out of the chaos of the energies this week. You should definitely be grateful. One person described it resting and sleeping a lot, like being in a "sleeping beauty spell". This is of course was gracefully set to keep them out of the fray of chaos.

Darkness, boundaries, strong emotions, and old stuff coming up to leave, means that as you are moving into physicality, things are coming up for you to adjust as you put things into place during this transition.

September itself is all about the transition from summer's changes and really harvest from all the year's work. To do that, we have been setting up the next physically, receiving and taking action on all the updated pieces, and/ or resting and integrating.

(Just an FYI: I have been hearing a lot about sleep disturbances this week. Many people are resting but having a hard time falling a sleep, or waking up at 2am, 3am, 4am in the morning. As a result, some people are sleeping later than they usually do, needing naps, and/or the quality of sleep isn't there. If you are experiencing this, you are not alone. Just do your best to rest, even if you are not sleeping. Try not be active with tv, social media, etc to distract you. Resting and stillness will help. Listen to your body.)

The key to it all is choice. Decision, decision, decision... and enforcing your boundaries. Decide what is no longer coming with you into your physical next phase. Make a new way with your neutral response, even as you may feel the intensity of it.

Let the universe know --for a fact -- what is over. Then, see a new way or pattern emerge as you meet it. Notice that you are always safe and protected. Feel the new you in these experiences. Find your truth and enforce it. Let go of everything that is no longer true or serving you.

For some clients I have seen this week, I was really amazed to see a new level of mastery emerge. For some long-time clients, a different level of subtle mastery in Oneness, connection with Who They Are, and the tools I teach have them "closing the gap between in and out" within seconds. Their non-reactiveness to intensity was a thing of beauty. So really they were able to withstand even this week, standing squarely in their vortex and neutrality, connected to who they are and their resources. Meaning, that their awareness of when they come out of their body and into their head is made instantly and corrected in seconds. This is amazing because it means that they can be operating from who they are and their highest outcomes all the time. Many people don't think its possible, but with this work in Oneness, IT REALLY IS.

For myself, and for those around me, I have been amazed to witness that the old is really over in the responses of the week. It is something for you to notice for yourself. What am I doing differently than I would have years ago in this situation? Observe and potentially be amazed.

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