Energy Update with Jessica Martinson

The message for this week is all about staying the course. Things are falling into place more rapidly than you realize and then everything goes black (aka: into form or "into the black" as in the accounting term for having money). Find the shame hidden in your "not doing" and address that. Everything is coming up roses for you this week. Revel in the chance to make it great (your kind of great!).


*The week's tune-in is a transmission from Oneness (All That Is, The Universe, the Divine, Source where all my information comes from), and serves as an offering of guidance for the week.

What is going on this week?!: What you may be experiencing explained...

The frustration should subside this week as things fall into place after the long weekend. Finally, there are movements in what you have been intending that won’t feel so arduous. There are definite changes afoot in the sense that you can hear, feel, touch a little more of your dream. Leave the begging and feuding behind in the dust, and try to escape the doldrums of your own patterning with deep relaxation. The finer points of being Who You Are are being explored this week. Find the pleasure in all of it.

Beer drinking in Roswell.

Picture (above): Rowell, NM, The City of Roswell is famous for its flying saucer crash and subsequent government cover-up in 1947. Nowadays, it is a kitchy amusement-park-of-a-town. What better way to discredit something than to make it a laughingstock? Besides the UFO museum - which is a pinnacle of kitch - there was a photo place where they had odd photo opps with aliens figurines. This guy was beer-drinking himself into oblivion on the couch...with little car slippers on. (This pic felt somehow appropriate this week lol!) Many people dress up in costumes and go with friends to take selfies, but even by myself, I couldn't help but smile. February 2017 Jessica Martinson via iPhone. For travel stories & photos, follow on Instagram (@jessmartinson) and Facebook (@thejessicamartinson).

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