Energy Update with Jessica Martinson

This week you’ll find more things move into motion. Find your wings by settling into your own inner stillness. Flight takes off when you can move from there (your inner stillness).

The only way to discern what’s next is to reach for the savior in your breath. The finite distinguishable meaning of time and space comes home for you this week, as you find solace in it.

As more things move into motion, take care to find the things that interest you and move on that. There are finite things that need your attention… and after that, take care that many other things will fall into place. It is impossible to say what is in the future, when you are not deciding what it is you want. Take time to envision a future that works for you, but don’t waste time in fantasy.

End transmission.

*The week's tune-in is a transmission from Oneness (All That Is, The Universe, the Divine, Source where all my information comes from), and serves as an offering of guidance for the week.

Cashing Out: Win at Ebb & Flow

This weekend a family member and I had a nice conversation about the ebb and flow of success in life and business… He observed that after a lot of good successes and prologued productive action, then it can get quiet (business may slow) for period of time.

He felt it was an obstacle and he needed to push through to get more results. I suggested it required just the opposite...

For those who would like to be “moving forward all the time", it is good to consider what those “quiet” or “ebb moments” really are. So you are ready to catch the next movement of flow effectively….

Consider that the music "in-between-the-notes" creates all the order to the music. Otherwise, it is literally a jumble of notes on top of each other. You could not receive it.

In the same way when, we allow for the ourselves to take time to register the new plateau we have just landed, we become aware and can integrate a new context.

These moments of ebb, naturally give us that. They prepare us for the next wave, by allowing for a moment of stillness, silence, or slowness.

It is like being at a casino and cashing out after a long night of wins. You collect on your winnings.

Pushing through when you are tired and the flow has ebbed off, you can often begin to lose or force things when its no longer flowing.

By cashing out, and going to sleep, you wake up refreshed so you can approach winning again tomorrow. It gives you energy, perspective, and helps you collect on all you have accomplished.

That is how to look at ebb and flows as a natural way. Then, you are able to come at the next higher plateau, building upon your wins.

Stillness and silence are natural in the process of creation, just as rapid movement and action.

Be in each moment and learn the best use of each to maximize your effectiveness and manifestation power.

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