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NOTE: This week I switched the order of the newsletter, as it seemed giving a background on last week created more context for the tune-in this week. Enjoy!

What's going on?: Who You are, Updated.

This past week has been one of completions for everyone. With the full moon last Wednesday night, we shifted from the big picture, impartial view of Libra, into Scorpio who is the depths of our emotions, often unseen. From that emotion, we were able to engage and take action on all we learned in the last month’s cycle.

This signals some major life changes brewing that require making some very clear decisions. They had the feel of endings and beginnings that we could only come to with taking a good look at ourselves and deciding what is true for us.

This deep look required us to shake off any old crusty matrix of self-perception. Self-identification, or relationships with Self or other that is no longer in alignment. That is alignment with the You that moves into your future...currently unfolding now, even if you don’t see it yet.

Those deep reflections, the decisions, and actions that came forth may feel like declarations of who we are, unequivocally, after a year of stretching and growing.

In taking a deep look at your self, from your place of inner stillness and choice, you can quiet the voices of others opinions, and even your own judgement. You can find what is true for you. You can move into deep acceptance of who you are, including what you are built for. It is a loving thing and valuable thing. From there, deep neutrality and stability happens in kind, hand-in-hand.

I like this week’s image because it is what it feels like to me when we have emerged. A big congratulations to you wherever you are in the process.

If you have not landed it yet and need some help, please feel free to reach out for a session. Change can happen swiftly. What comes on the other end of this transition is a really different feeling. There are a lot of tools that can assist you to complete the important changes of this moment.

Energy Update for the Week

The tides turn this week after a full last week that demonstrated “Who You Are, Updated.” The general thrust of this week is one that acts upon your decision of Self last week. Hold firm even as things are shaking or challenging it this week. You may decide that what was last week no longer fits. You may also be truly complete. Final decisions, if they haven’t been made yet, are what is on the docket. Finally, the tides turn BECAUSE of your decision. Leave nothing left in your queue (ie: on your list, finalize everything) because what happens from here is miraculous.

Who I Am Song (by Charlie Puth): Here is a lovely anthem of self-acceptance and empowerment that came to my attention this week. Enjoy!

Song Original Version is above:

If you are of the European music persuasion, you may like the faster dance remix version like me...:

End transmission.

*The week's tune-in is a transmission from Oneness (All That Is, The Universe, the Divine, Source where all my information comes from), and serves as an offering of guidance for the week.

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