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Energy Update for the Week:

Trust the new movement (forward) as a response to the incredible tasks you have overcome in the past few (months, years). Begin to take stock of the incredible journey you began, and where it started… where YOU started. Now, begin to see with all the sight of a bird in flight the pass over the top of a cumulative journey that does not stop here, but rests here.

There you will see the incredible mountains you have carried yourself forth in integrity within and over. Stop to see the journey that scales the nature of You to its heights. There are comforts in the terrain being done but / and just as much joy seeing the muscles strengthened in its passing.

The wonderful thing about a “journey over” is the rise of a new YOU. A new YOU that has the capacity of an ox, in the grander scheme of life, and can plow forth in a way with ease when struggle is around or within you. The inner strength that has come from this trip has been astounding to watch. Really take stock. Really find the strength you have won. Find that nothing has stopped you ever, even in sever(e) challenge. Find your way back to THE Path, YOUR Path. The integrity in it and the sheer will is miraculous. See that about yourself. Find that place within and let it shine. Glow from your own magnificence, well worn in your bones. So that nothing, nothing stops / tells you what is possible but YOU.

End Transmission.

*The week's tune-in is a transmission from Oneness (All That Is, The Universe, the Divine, Source where all my information comes from), and serves as an offering of guidance for the week.

Image above: Check out the beautiful and ethereal underwater images from fine art photographer Ed Freeman at, photographed in a swimming pool in Los Angeles, using only natural light.

What's going on?!

This week has been pretty epic in feeling, and maybe even if it has been softly so for you. With the 11/11 energy gateway that took place this week, the (creative) energy is finally moving again.

What has felt like swimming and organizing under deep water, since September... (maybe longer)... we have finally emerged to the surface with the cumulative effect of surging into the end of the year with some pretty profound effects.

It feels like some foundational pieces were moving into place like monoliths (think Stonehenge... too dramatic? May be not enough?!). This time has challenged us to take on some "big deal cards" that in concert feel like a crescendo of music, reaching its climax of intensity....complete with cymbals banging.

It has presented us with the dramatic choicepoint(s) that demanded us to act on what we are willing to complete.... once and for all.

Like the Shaman's Test*, where we started and where we are going is a cliff face apart. Armed with only a rope, it is impossible to get there from linear or traditional means. (Think of the impossible task of moving Stonehenge monoliths or pyramids even with today's current technology/ tools.) What it has required is a quantum BECOME something different.

On the other end of it, a new us emerges, and we demonstrate to ourselves that the transformation is here.

This week, there is an opportunity to stop the incessant movement forward and nagging question of "what is next?" that can propel us and ask "what is now?". There is a time for the first question, but right now the dissatisfaction in it keeps us from sinking fully into the now moment. In doing so, you may see you have already arrived.

(This question is the key to allow you to see ALL you have accomplished, certainly these past few transformative months, and really this whole year. )

If you need assistance seeing / being / weaving together the big picture, please feel free to reach out for a session. Clients have made some profound and life-altering discoveries this week, as we approach wrapping up the year.

It is a gift that (paradoxically) propels you forward; Only when you know where you are, can you can navigate a path to where you want to go (think of your GPS).

The song that has been really underscoring the feeling to me of the week has been Ruelle's song Revolution. It is a new song discovery for me this week with the drama of a long journey with high stakes.... the one that we are on in consciousness; As to wake up to who we are, is the purpose of humanity right now, so that we can recover our ability to bring about harmony, peace, prosperity, and well-being to every aspect of our life, businesses (services in the world), and the world at large.

Your journey has meaning and it strengthens the whole.

Song Original Version is linked above or here:

* Shaman's Test: Card from Three Card Reading Deck.

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