Energy Update with Jessica Martinson

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What truth can you know about yourself in this moment?

This week find the truth that has freedom in it.

Ask this question to your Higher Self. See if you can allow the truth to bubble up.

Perhaps it is: It’s all working out. Everything is in flow. Trust the progress you are making.

What is the message you need to hear?

For me, last week that truth was: “It is all working out.”

As the week proceeded, I saw all the pieces fitting in like a puzzle.

Stepping back it was all so clear; the picture appeared.

Things that didn’t belong left immediately, without pomp or circumstance…

They just dissolved out of my field, which was quite shocking at first.

Deepest-held desires — even from years ago — came into fruition.

I had to ask myself, do they fit me now?

Things not yet defined (ie: a bedroom in my house), became a perfect space for a new project. Then, its configuration became clear.

Tools came in; things for my body’s best health, warmth, comfort and ease.

Everything coming to me was a tool at my fingertips…and somehow I knew what to do.

So I say to you… what truth can you discover about yourself (or your circumstance) this week?

Maybe it is a pink elephant in your living room… that you get to feed and love and watch tv with…and it wasn’t what you originally thought at all?

This reminds me of a Banksy exhibit one year. He surprised art exhibit goers in Los Angeles with an installation of a living room… with a live painted elephant to match the wallpaper. (VIDEO BELOW)

Sometimes these truths are so big we cannot see them.

Maybe the unknown that becomes visible to you, helps everything to make sense.

Then, the missing pieces fall into place because you have the correct big picture view.


PS: If you need help seeing the pink elephant or big picture in your life this week, book a session. Clarity allows things to flow into place. Book here...

Energy Report for the Week

This week starts with a bang. Be ready to come out the gate with some new projects or old ones completing themselves -- that you never though could get done so timely.

The danger with anticipating change is that when it gets to you it is “old hat”. (You've actively been creating it in the ethers /non-physical.) Find the joy in the shifts that you are continually making, even if they are “old hat” by now. (Find the joy as they do become physical, and as you continue.)

The one thing that brings spice into your life is joy. Find where that currently is for you. Is it dancing, culinary pleasures, taking a new class to learn something new, poetry, kilns, art, science, new or continuing language, seeing your family more?

What is it that will add more spice to your life, that joy, that “je ne sais quoi”, that will help you get through the holidays intact and set up for the new year?

For those that doubt the existence of the lamb of God, there are sights and sounds that find their way to make you believe. (Lamb of God… a term that means you are One with the Divine. Both cared for, and a powerful co-creator).

There is only one way out and that is through. Find the joy in what is unknown and don’t deter from the path your Highest Self has set for you.

End transmission.

*The week's tune-in is a transmission from Oneness (All That Is, The Universe, the Divine, Source where all my information comes from), and serves as an offering of guidance for the week.

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