Energy Update with Jessica Martinson

Energy Update for the Week:

By all accounts it has been an intense week. As we head into the 12/12 energy portal today, brace for more swift energies moving forward.

What is usually a slowing down and completing time at the end of the year, is really launching those that are ready into their new field. Where there was lack, there is light. Things are coming into fruition fully now, and it is something to really see for yourself… even if albeit slowly from your perspective… things ARE coming to the light.

Therefore, take heed and rest as much as you can, even as you move things forward. This is just the beginning of a new (everything) on the horizon.

Finally, the pace of everything will pick up as things find their driver seat and strap in. The sabbatical is over and the real work begins in three, two, one…

This will be fun!

End transmission

*The week's tune-in is a transmission from Oneness (All That Is, The Universe, the Divine, Source where all my information comes from), and serves as an offering of guidance for the week.

What's going on: 12/12 Energy Portal

Blast off!

Can you feel it?

Take a look around then…

With this last week taking a second pass at the core wound that you were facing in the fall, come back for another round of perception, you may have cleared all of it out of your system and come to new insights.

All that is not a minute too soon, as the weekend hit, there was a lot of stillness and silence. That reset point was good, as you may have felt the rumbling of the booster engines…

Then, the energy started moving forward again with another big energy day today with the 12/12 energy portal activated.

All of this is bringing us to a bang of the end of the year. What is usually a closure time of the year, is actually gear us up for blast off.

All the changes you have been making all year, have brought you to the edge of new physicalizations.

Can you feel the mammoth thing(s) you have been angling into for sometime, finally clicking in?

With the boost from the 12/12 portal of energy adding to your momentum, this will help you as we move to the end of the year.

Get ready for being seen.

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