Energy Update with Jessica Martinson

Energy Update for the Week:

The climate right now is of both rest and creation. There isn’t much to do, but everything to do... and that really means ALLOW.

There is nothing wrong with your circumstances, and yet they are advancing very quickly through the New Year passage. Endings and beginning have been the past few months. New and exciting projects have been cropping up to step inside the “middle lane of your life” (taking center stage and gaining momentum) .

For those with less activity, know that more is on the horizon — but this week or two of “rest” or “time off” from your usually activities finds you in a reflective mode. Find the things that you most treasure about your progress.

I have been undertaking a sincere project of book writing that has had me looking back at my life over the years that have led up to the “here and now moment”, and tying together all the facts that have made a life. With this, I have been able to connect the dots on many occurrences that would have gone under the radar, if it had not been for this time. There is nothing like looking back, to head forward. In this way, you can pick up all the chips and “cash out” what you are due.

The most important thing that you discover may be surprising for you.

The beautiful thing about what you are up to now is there is no universe within which you do not succeed at what you are committed to. The beautiful breadth of the change that you have succeeded at has been breathtaking to observe, from above and around you. There are things you do not realize that are like a diamond shining within you always.

Be proud of what you have accomplished. And be proud of what you have not. All things have served in their time. And if they are not finished yet, then perhaps that story still has an ending that is awaiting you…

End transmission.

*The week's tune-in is a transmission from Oneness (All That Is, The Universe, the Divine, Source where all my information comes from), and serves as an offering of guidance for the week.

IMAGE ABOVE: The original Little Rascals in the 1930's, with New Years hats and celebration whistles that roll out paper when you blow on it. IMAGE BELOW: Dancers in Central Park NYC 1961, Time Magazine.

What's going on?!: A New Year

The beautiful thing about the end of the year is the freshness of possibilities that go ahead of us, the hope, the sheer persistence at which you are ready to better you life....and the taking stock of what you have done. That was the suggestion of last week, to take stock of your good, of your accomplishments, etc.

You will find that growth was in order for you to reach your highest self, in whatever outward way that manifested. There are things still in your escrow waiting for you. There are some stories that you needed to disconnect from this past year, to make room for what is coming.

Do not mourn what is “past” for too long. They will not tell you who you are or where you are going. Sometimes, we need to take a step or two back to go ahead in the right direction / path, without all the attachments....or stumbling upon a tree. ;-)

Find that peace within, with all your decisions and occurrences. And you will find peace within your heart.

Here's to you...and a lovely New Year.

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