Energy Update with Jessica Martinson

Energy Update: Feb 1st 2019

Energetically, it has been a rough couple of days. People have been (forced...scratch that) asked to rest on and off for the past few weeks. Old patterns in the body and in the environment are cleaning themselves up.

There is also an energy upgrade currently happening helping us to come online to an upgraded heart field in Oneness, as well as clearing the body of old patterns and energy. It can be causing some sensation, pain, dizziness, or even challenges breathing in the chest, back, breasts, musculature, lungs, or heart area. Knowledge of it can help it to shift, along with massage, epson salt baths, detoxing fluids, and rest.

In fact, you may have felt moved to re-organize this month. Marie Kondo the tidying expert from Japan, had a runaway hit on Netflix, showing Americans how to clean their space for a whole new lease on life. With things out of the way internally, energetically, and metaphorically, we are ready for the next.

January was by many predictions, thought to be the most challenging of months in 2019. Recently, we have been “on” nonstop as all the planets are moving forward (none are in retrograde, meaning that everything is full speed ahead this past week, with nothing to slow it). It has been challenging for most. There’s been a lot of tension in the air and not a lot of clarity. Resting has been the order of the day. As we ramp up for more activities in the months ahead — March and later. (New foundations are still moving into place and getting revved up to go. What can you complete?)

This spaciousness of rest and clearing, gives us all the juiciness of sitting with the dynamic question: What is next? What is it that we really really want? By not assuming “what it is” or “what it was before”, we can successfully come to the question. With all that has changed in you, and the subtle (and not so subtle) upgrades that have had a culminating effect: What is it now that I truly desire? What is available now?

…Not what I think I want. Not even, what I wanted yesterday. What is it that will serve me now?

If you haven’t already, take out a vision board or your journal. See what is here. If things haven’t been working or catching on, maybe that is not the way anymore? Perhaps it is not time? Perhaps there is a better way you have the ability to see now? Maybe things need an update?

That is the question to answer and sit with in inquiry over the following week or weeks. It is the treasure to contemplate. If you need some help with it, I am here and available for sessions to assist… to discuss your transformation click here.

For me, I realized so much has changed in the last few months in my landscape, that coming at anything from old assumptions was holding me back from coming into this question with clarity. Once, I recognized everything that had changed in my world and the results of that, I had more space, energy, understanding and compassion to see everything more accurately.

Enjoy the rest. Enjoy recognizing the new you. Enjoy the adjustments that you have already made and that you are in the midst of making. Congratulate yourself for the efforts already done. There is immense gratitude in that.

Finally, begin to breathe into “what is next” as we emerge out of the week, more energy will be shifting in spurts. This pattern looks like spurts of resting, then tailored action to take (that you can appreciate), then rest and integrate again.

Then, repeat that cycle for the next phase of manifestation. It is a natural movement and one that doesn’t require our full speed yet. It is a regular pace, interspersed with natural resting, that wins the race.

End transmission.

*The week's tune-in is a transmission from Oneness (All That Is, The Universe, the Divine, Source where all my information comes from), and serves as a loving offering of guidance in this moment.)

IMAGE ABOVE: Two kitties in the Animal Hospital of North Asheville, a share of a picture they posted on Facebook on Jan 29th, 2019. Link here for more info.

Newsletter Update

I want to say something about the changes to this newsletter. As you may know I don’t do ANYTHING that doesn’t feel right in the moment, that is not hooking in reality, or that seems to have expired its usefulness in that form. That was, to my chagrin, the guidance on the formerly weekly newsletter.

What I can say is I will write as often as it is useful and moved by Spirit. That you have my word and sensibilities on. Hoping this transmission and communication serves you well with love.

Many blessings, Jessica

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