Energy Update with Jessica Martinson

Energy Update: March 2019

(Goodbye February) Happy March!

Wow, what a long way we have come so far this year at such a pace. Even if things have felt quiet externally, there has been a lot happening under the surface.

The past few weeks have been a surge upward for most. Rapid manifestation setting you up for the year (and years) to come. Coming into view of what you desire is an exciting prospect. Doing the work to get it isn’t, but with the right perspective you can feel the invisible rope of it in your hands, pulling all that your truly desire in the right time, into your sphere.

For some there is a fight going on, a battle, but refrain from that type of approach… see it for what it is, something trying to help you get into balance. It can really be quite fun if you see it as a game of treasure hunt or hiding and seek… the answers and implementation are there. (Jessica can help you with this “game” if you need assistance. )

Whether that is boundaries, or health balancing, or self-care, or monetary management, or filing and clearing your space to be "rearing to go" as we come into the Equinox and then into the rest of the year, you will find that building stamina through your activities, or "hacking away" at long-term projects — with JOY — is where its at, to achieve all you want to this year and for the rest of your life.

Yes, it really is that type of turning point for you all. There is really nothing to look back onto and everything to surge forward. The cleaning and clearing you have been doing all January and into earlier parts of February have been building the stamina for more adventures later in the year, as well as "holding more"… holding more experiences, things of resonance, romantic partnership (if that is your wish), money, and health. There is a general upsurge that is going on, that requires and has required a lot of sleep, rest, and relaxation to integrate. Even brain fog and torpor (falling-down sleepiness) have been reactions and responses to the need for rest mixed with more light upgrades.

Also our sense of “command-ship” is on the uptick with more confidence in manifestation than ever.

For those of you who feel that the past few weeks, months… (perhaps even a hibernation)… has been quiet, you are not alone… we are gearing up for more activity into the rest of the year that you will not want to miss. Being “unbalanced” will sacrifice the quality of that experience, so now is the time to get everything that you want to address into gear.

Jessica made a commitment to reach out to more French training, to build up her language skills to where she wants them to be, so she can reach her goals of spending more time productively in France. She also has been addressing some long-term imbalances in her health and self-care regime that were critical to her movement forward sustainably in every direction of note. Therefore, trust that the movements that you are compelled in. This may indeed be more rest, with a sprinkling of “gearing up” to face more wonderful opportunities later in the year. It is a good time -- to be respected for all that it is giving you -- even if, in your estimation, it is “quieter” than you would like. There are plenty of activities, adjustments, and new habits and cleared “space” (inside and out) that are allowing all “pistons to be pumping” at higher octaves this year.

Many blessings and enjoy your rest, relaxation and readjustments. There is plenty support here for you. Just ask.

End transmission.

*The week's tune-in is a transmission from Oneness (All That Is, The Universe, the Divine, Source where all my information comes from), and serves as a loving offering of guidance in this moment.)

IMAGE ABOVE: Remember things are changing and you are getting ready for “the ball”, one of the greatest adventures of your life. The magic of this transformation process is changing you inside and out. Revel in the feeling of magic in your life, and you will see, feel, and appreciate it more. And in doing so, you give permission for more magic and grace to come. Image from Cinderella.

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