Energy Update with Jessica Martinson

Energy Update: Spring Equinox

Buzzing energy of the Equinox getting you?

The signature of the energies the past few days have been surges of “completing” energy to move goals forward, followed by “crashes” of energies, torpor, or sleepiness, that asks for sleep to integrate.

There are a lot of energies cascading down on us right now, so open to them freely. They are helping to reset the systems in the body for our "strong body exit" into the world after a “restful” winter of recalibrating.

The sun is especially important right now, as its codes are directing the birds, trees, and flowers…and YOU(!) out of hibernation and into the LIGHT, so to speak. Do feel the internal alignments to this “waking up”, coupled with more energies than you may have been feeling for a while for forward movement.

(For some of you who have been getting ill recently, this is a clearing of old stuff not coming with you. So be gentle, listen (to its message), and take great care. )

In some cases, it is taking care of its own momentum to drive the changes inside that are ready. Much like seeds in the winter that burst open in the spring, they have all the codes for its emergence. So too do you have for the codes for your projects and destinies within that unlock and move into action at the right time. I imagine this like you have been sitting on them like hens in hen houses until ready.

For now, enjoy the burgeoning of the sun, the soft easiness of the weather, and a welcoming back to the great outdoors (for those of you who dislike the cold!) that welcomes you back on the scene “in public”.

There are many who will find traveling lining up in their future literally or metaphorically, as the movement into the "unknowns of your destiny" to manifest them ( a long time coming!) is popping up like bulbs from last year…. You may not be sure where you planted them, until they start emerging in confident stalks from the ground! What a great image to rethink the freshness of your projects emerging in this new season, and in effect, this new cycle of (super)human evolution.

The time is readying for all of it to move forward into place, as you have prepared for it, held it lovingly and patiently in your heart, and opened to in your wildest imaginings.

Best of luck as you manage the electrifying and oscillating energies of today, downloads courtesy of the sun… wake wake waking you UP!

Many blessings! Lots of love today in Oneness.

End transmission.

*The week's tune-in is a transmission from Oneness (All That Is, The Universe, the Divine, Source where all my information comes from), and serves as a loving offering of guidance in this moment.)

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