Lions Gate and the Spiritual New Year

Energy Update: Lions Gate - A Spiritual New Year!

Welcome to the Spiritual New Year! The Lions Gate represents a time of major change that moves you from one personal development cycle to the next. It is a very sacred and powerful time. This year it was especially powerful! Its influence opened on Friday 7/26 and closes on 8/12.

What it means is that everything you have been working towards this past cycle has come into a closing and completion, and a new cycle opens up. Even if you feel you are “still in process” and you are not sure how you have completed something….now is the time to carve out some quiet time to see it. Because it is there!

Like ships passing in the night, at the end of this Lion’s Gate, you stand at the silent point in between two phases: the ending of one and the beginning of a new phase.

Coinciding with the idea of the harvest — including since last year's Lions Gate but particularly since say March or April 2019 — there are three elements to the passage to be aware of, map to your own life, and complete if you have not.


1) Decision: A life-altering decision that moves you forward into your vision. It is non-negotiable and final.

2) Action: You must take an action (or actions) that puts you in alignment with your decision and irrevocably into your next.

3) Celebrate: Celebrate who you have become! To be in your next, you have to become something different. It is the transformed and more authentic version of you -- who is at the threshold of the Lion's Gate. It is the updated "you" acting in your next phase, unfolding in front of you now. Take time to see what you have completed in this last phase, in order to step strongly into the next one. You will notice the signs of the new are already here.


The past week, many of my clients were feeling anxious and that there was more they should be doing to get their vision going.

The result was a pushing energy that ultimately felt fruitless. There is a reason for that...

It is NOT what the final days of the passage is about. Once you make a decision in the way described in step one… final and non-negotiable...the Universe kicks into gear.

That is where your job is to take impulsed actions and open your awareness to receive.

You will take actions on what comes to you, do your best, and be unattached to the outcome. Be diligent... as the thing that is pulling you IS stronger than the old habits you are leaving behind in the old phase.

Slowing down to see what you have accomplished and not thinking you need to do it all in a day is where it’s at.

I took my clients on a journey though the following steps during the Lions Gate, so they could navigate the challenges, stabilize the change, and enjoy the rewards of this glorious and powerful time!


The first part of this passage required you to make a stark decision. One that will put you into your next. That decision is final and non-negotiable. When you land on it, you can feel it.

It meant stating what you are tired of and willing and ready to move past. This is "the pivot".

For many of you, this is a vision you have been hoping for and efforting at for while now. You may be very clear of the desire. But moving yourself forward required a process of change that took many of you through the spring and summer.

When you are ready to move into the next phase, open your attention to what it was that needed to happen to make that a reality.

See yourself "on the other side of the rainbow". Where does this path lead me? What does that look like? Feel like?

For me, I could sum it up in one sentence or idea that contained everything I was asking for / wanting in it. It was a clear image of me in my next phase. That's when it's clear.


Next, you must act upon that decision.

What are letting go of or no longer doing? What are you doing in its place?

Determining the exact next steps, means moving yourself forward in your mind.

When I took stock, I identified 3 areas of life that needed a change for a while, but I hadn’t quite taken action on...or perhaps was not ready to take action on.

However, the changes I have been making for the past few months have brought me closer to closing that gap. So now at the Lions Gate, it was the time to step over the threshold and make the leap!

If I was in agreement that I was in that next phase, then these three things could not exist.

I researched what actions it would take I for me to completed on these three areas and bring them into completion. What were my next steps? (One time actions to get me there). What would my practice day-to-day look like differently? I made decisions and moved the ball down he court.

But to make this change stick, my reason for taking these actions needed to change…. I needed to get to the root of WHY I needed to choose them.

In the end, the reason very much reflected the new phase I was in: These changes reflected the new me. The old actions and patterns were a reflection of my old phase of development, that I had left behind. In truth, I had grown past it.

The reason needed to be at the core of why it mattered, so I could keep inside this change.

(A symbol for my next phase, kept having frustrating, then silly, and ultimately out-of-my control delays that showed me there were more actions for me to take to be ready. On the Friday, 8/9 after completing everything, "the thing" showed up... without fanfare, signaling passage into this new phase. I smiled.... then cried. LOL. )

A Threshold Moment...

For me, once I took those actions, a powerful detox happened that flushed out the old. I was down for the count for three days.

What ensued, when I was up and about again was that taking action steps in these areas felt easier and matter of fact. Something that was difficult before, became much easier… almost a “no thing” or non-issue.

The action is the decision, which is the step before this. The follow-up steps are the things that need to happened or fill-in — to make that way of life a daily reality.

Those actions will continue and be ongoing… however the decision itself is final and complete.

The defining action or actions you have taken in this passage means you are not going back to the old. It moves you forward and aligns you with what you are asking for. It must be in place for it to happen.

With the transformation or changes you have been making up to this point, you should be ready.


The final step is to see that you have stepped into your new phase. You have become something different. You have become more of your true Self.

The person you are now is the person who will take the journey of the next phase. (That phase does not need to be finished, that is what life time is for. It simply means that it is in your field and stretching out before you. You can feel it if you take a moment to notice. )

Elements of that life will be around you now. See and feel it that way.

See how you have accomplished your intentions of the last phase, wrapping up this past week.

It is something to celebrate!


One of my clients, became TRUE LOVE this week... something she has been working on for 4 years. This one-up'ed any expectation she had when she first came to me with a desire to attract the right partner. Instead, she became the essence of her true desire of being. This means she is no longer dependent on any other person's outside feeling or expression; she is BEING the love she wants to see, feel, and receive in the world. It was really deep and has changed every aspect of her life. As a result, she is completely transformed and experiencing the deep love she was asking for in well as in relationship.

Another client, completed a 4 year hero's journey and succeeded at the harrowing final test of her life mission's story. In this arduous journey, she accomplished something no one has ever achieved before -- and reaped the rewards with a sudden opportunity to return back to beloved family and home -- something they did not think possible!

Yet another person, moved from full-time at-home motherhood into her own thriving business, which she deeply desired. She also received on her needs: reconnection with her partner, personal time, and her own space critical to how she gets balance and restoration. This will help her to better serve everyone best in her life, including her kids!

Others made the move to change jobs, move to new places, get more money, and start their own perfectly matched businesses.

The biggest challenge for everyone seemed that it was very subtle! Many were angling so hard into the next phase that they are going for, they didn’t notice they had passed a huge milestone -- where they had BECOME the thing they were seeking.

For you..

This time is a closing and completing of one cycle and opening into your next.

If you haven’t take time already, be sure to reflect to see what you have become and achieved. Then, feel into what is the new phase sprawling in front of you. It is a lovely time of silence, rest and reflection.

This coming week, more insights will come as you explore the new phase you are in and take more actions as they come. For now, bask and enjoy all you have accomplished and completed.

I am happy to say that every single one of my regular clients received a completion this week... some a few years in the making! I was just grinning ear-to-ear with all their hard-earned success and joy!

If you are ready for a transformation in your own life to make your long-held vision a reality, empower success at your goals, or become confident in your authentic Self, feel free to reach out for a session or consultation.

Happy Lion's Gate and Spiritual New Year!

Best, Jessica

Below is a good visual of what this passage felt like... there was the element of "life or death" high stakes, the need to be confident, and to "make the daring leap" to survive and thrive!

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