Riding the Riptide

Riding the Riptide:

Succeeding in the face of Backsliding, Meltdowns, and the Unexpected…

Just in case your last week went sideways… you are not alone.

The passage out of the Lions Gate (7/26/19 - 8/12/19), for many people, has been a dip from the peak experience of last week’s completion to challenges always found on the other side of a leap…THE FINAL TEST.

If the passage out of the Lions Gate has been explosive or brought the unexpected…

This is not happening because the Universe doesn’t love you. It does not mean you have failed.

The final test is to help you to clear the old, make sure you’re serious (strengthen your resolve), and bring you new gifts and opportunities you need to win. Past patterns can’t come with you; neither can doubt. This is where old patterns will show up and ask you for final time if you are done with them.

It is the final scene in a hero's movie when the hero defeats the challenger, achieves her goal, and demonstrates (to herself and everyone else) her mastery.

When you win, you pass. Except this time, you've succeeded at a higher level.

All this is to help to bring you back to Love, integrate and recharge, and set you on the right path so you can take right action. September is going to be busy so…

Here are the “6 things You Need to Know to Succeed Right Now"

Let’s Begin…

1) Ride the Riptide

On a sopping wet beach, in a flooded town, that I had driven many hours to get to over the weekend, I saw an interesting sign.

My hopes for a recharging, reflecting, and integrating the Lions Gate on a sunny beach (of which I had been dreaming of for at least half a year), were dashed. Rained out by a sudden movement of a “Supercell Storm", it down-poured in buckets on the entire eastern seaboard.

It was there, standing in a puddle the size of a parking lot, hung the instructions on "How to Survive a Rip-current".

I grew up with riptides along the frigid San Francisco beach, where I was born. My mom always used to say that she would not even let a dog play in the shallows of that beach. Aware that lots of people (and animals) drown there every year, I agreed. Knowing “how to get out of a riptide” — an odd but powerful sea current that pulls you swiftly from the shallows and out to sea in a matter of seconds — is an important thing to know.

This week felt a lot like that for many. There was a sense from those I spoke to this past week of “the unexpected”. Something that did not go as planned. Something that surprised them. Something that essentially “took the legs out from under them”.

The instructions on the riptide are as follows: Get very calm… don’t fight the current. Simply ride it in the direction it is going and then —as it spits you out in a swift fury — swim in the opposite direction from the tide (parallel to the shore) to safety. ( See image.)

As a kid, I always thought if people knew that one fact, so many less people would die at my home beach each year. In life, sometimes there is a rip current. And sometimes, we need to ride it as calmly as we can, in the direction it is taking us, and then, at the right moment, swim out of it to safety.

2) Receiving the Gifts of the Riptide

Met with the disappointment of my beach weekend “being a total bust”, and in the process, having exerted a lot of effort to get there…

Quickly I thought, what is the best option for me to salvage the trip? I trust I am here for a reason. What else could I see before I headed back home? Where does my desire and curiosity take me in this moment?

I just changed tacks. I went the direction of the riptide.

By changing my plans on the fly, I had a good time in the nearby city, including time in a Kitty Cafe!!! 😱🤩😍 where I played with a room full of cute cats for an hour 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻 😻😻😻😻😻. I allowed the Universe to bring some unexpected opportunities and take me to the next thing, by responding to what was in front of me. Then, it gave me some "gifts" to take home as souvenirs...

This experience brought a few things to my awareness that I did not realize. One thing that I needed to catch up on, was that I have succeeded in creating a really comfortable home for myself (an activity completed in the last phase). Second, I don't need to travel the way I used to or for the same reasons (an older phase). Most importantly, it strengthened my resolve on my Lions Gate decisions. I realized there was really nothing left for me in the old phase. That was done. The only way out, was forward.

3) Revisit your "Why" and Reinforce your Resolve

When things aren’t going the way you expected, it is a good time to revisit your intention.

For many of you, you've made a big decision and realization that brought you into a next phase last week during the Lions Gate. Go back to you decision. Revisit your “why”. Reinforce your resolve.

In allowing “the unexpected” to:

1) expand your view of what you have just completed and

2) exercise your new skills (choosing away from the old habits)…. and

3) get more information, so you can take right action on your decisions...

It sets you squarely on the road to success of your next destination.

4) Get Help

In every good novel or Hero’s Story, when the new phase comes, our hero gets a talisman or new tool that will help him/her to succeed at the next. For your new phase, you need new information, skills, or resources to meet your goal.

To take right action, you must find the right path to go on...the right strategy or directions to get you there. Wrong ones are ineffective and can never get you there.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Remember you DO NOT need to do it on your own. In fact, if you tried it before and you have not seen the results you were after, then you know you need different solutions that will bring you better outcomes.

Don’t be afraid seek out expert help, research knowledge, and/or enlist coaching to give you the “talisman”, tools, and/or strategy needed to take right action to your goal.

Caveat: Just be really willing to receive it. I can always tell when my clients are not ready to resolve their problem when they state all the issues they see, but are do not make a “clear ask” or intention for help. It is part of your sovereignty and command to ask for assistance — whether it is from the Universe or directly with people who can help you. Remember, the Universe works through Free Will.

5) Take responsibility

One sovereign action that can always help you is to “take responsibility”. Blaming, projections, or feeling sorry for yourself may feel good in the moment, but the cost is your power.

Taking responsibility is being willing to "own" whatever part you played, whatever is yours, even if you’re not sure what that is yet.

To be clear, this is not blame...on yourself or anyone else. You can ask yourself: What is here for me? What is my part? What is there for me to see or know? What can I do to make this right?

When you do that, you transform yourself from a victim to a hero in your own life, and you put power squarely back into your hands.

6) Rest and Reintegrate

Finally, the movement through the last passage was big one. Taking the time to rest, re-integrate all you learned, and refresh your energy is a good move. Allowing yourself the space when you need it, is key.

Filling up your reserve is helpful, as September will be an energetic and busy month of action.

Final Word...

It is my joy to help my clients and community to navigate their right path and succeed at their challenges with authenticity, effective tools, and teachings. I hope these words are timely for you, to navigate things "when the bottom drops out"... and, of course, as you step into your new phase post-Lions Gate.

If I can be of assistance to you or someone you know, please feel free to pass along this newsletter, set up a session, or schedule a complimentary consultation (click here).



One expert refers to my home beach in San Francisco as "Riptide Killer Beach"! 🌊 (4:38). Whoa!! To find out more on how to navigate a rip current, see the video below.

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