Source of Beauty

I was asked if Oneness helps to make you more beautiful?

“Does this process change your face, looks, and appearance? My face looks more peaceful, clear, [and] translucent. It really changed. I wondered if this work can improve how we look?”

She had a session with me a few days before. We discussed how to turn on your magnetism to naturally draw what you desire in, opportunities, people, experiences, connection.

Yes, absolutely, it makes you translucent under the skin. When you connect with Source, you hook up with your true nature as Light. You shine with an inner light that is radiant to people and things. They magnetize to you.

In fact, that is the quality people were trying to capture by depicting saints and holy people with halos or circle of light around them. (It also references their ascended quality.) Today, we would say in a more modern way that someone has a "glow".

This process also helps to keep us looking and feeling younger. The effect rejuvenates the skin, relieves stress and separation, and keeps your cells and energetic system in a natural state of thriving. It can change very quickly because when you align with Source, you align with the Divine Attributes of well-being, love, peace, prosperity, joy, etc.

By bumping up your frequency to higher states, and staying grounded in your body, you are in alignment with the luminescence of Oneness.

Happiness is beauty. Oh Joy becomes her...


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