Superpowers at Sephora

Superpowers at Sephora

I had a wonderful experience with a shop person at a makeup store today. In three minutes, I showed her how to be able to discern if something is right for her.

As she strolled with me around the store recommending beauty products to address my problem, I waved my hand over each one and immediately had a “yes” or “no”.

Looking at me in amused curiosity, I said, “Oh sorry, I should probably explain. I have the superpower to be able to wave my hand over a product and see which one is right for me.”

(That’s shopping with me! LOL)

“Wow! I wish I had that too!” she giggled. “My face is a human guinea pig for all the products in here. Sometimes, I am allergic. I break out or it can burn my face. Other times, I spend a lot of money on products that don’t work so well for me.”

“If you’d like I can show you. It will just take a few minutes...”

I asked her to go get two products: one she knew was great for her body and one that was not.

Giving her a boost: I asked her to take a deep breath. Then, with a flick of my wrist and two fingers extended without touching her, I activated her superpowers….

(See here for more of an explanation of quantum =) )

“Your belly is the center of your power and knowing”, I explained. “What do you notice? You can feel a tingling in your belly, right?”

“Whoa! Yes! ” she exclaimed in delight and surprise as the energy pathways in her belly blossom to life.

Then, I traced a line of energy in the air… from her belly, up to her shoulder, and then down to her hand, until she felt the center of her palm pulse, tingle, and burst open with energy.

"See, that's your natural superpower" I explained, as she held her wrist, looking from me to her hand in wonder.

Waving her hand over two products, I showed her how everything has an energy.

“You can sense what feels good to you, not good for you, and what it will do for you.”

I told her which product was the right one for her body and which was not.

“Whoa! How did you know that? By reading body language?” she quizzed.

“No, everything is made of energy. Energy has its own language that we can interpret by feel. I can feel how it feels to you in your body, just as I can see that that sign is blue. It is just another sense….and you have it too. It is natural to us.”

The trick is popping into your body and anchoring in your Self. Everyone has this power when they connect with their higher self and turn on their superpowers.

The woman said she had experiences resonating with a people, “That’s REALLY important to know — feeling a person’s energy — to decide who you want to be around you and who you need to go far away from you,” she giggled, “but I never thought about it with things!”

“Great, yes! This can help you with both. This will help keep you from sampling products that your allergic to and save your face the pain,” I smiled, “as well as save money on things that won’’t serve you well…and a whole host of other benefits.”

She gave me a big hug as I left. I giggled at just another bit of everyday magic…

The End.

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