Divine Feminine Transmission 



Wednesday, June 20, 2018  6:30-8:30pm 

A sacred energy transmission of the Black Madonnas, the true Mary Magdalene (Apostle of Apostles), and the hidden Divine Feminine tradition from around the world.

Her messages is one of our divine humanity, love, inspiration, and wholeness.

What if you could receive a sacred activation from Black Madonnas of sacred France?

Her message is of our divine humanity, love, inspiration and wholeness.

Come for this powerful personal experience of clarity, healing, and initiation.  


Jessica received this transmission from the Black Madonnas in France and found she is able to transmit this powerful, loving energy to others. She has studied the Divine Feminine for many years, journeyed all over the world to uncover its lost teachings and history. 

Reasons why you need to come: 

I know you are getting ready for summer or just trying to manage the bumpy energies out there. 

But listen up! This is why you need to come...

1) Set your summer right: 

Get an upgrade or an energy adjustment for the summer.  There are going to continue to be some intense energies for the next three months. The current "wormhole", which began at the top of June, is an intense period of energy shifts on the planet effecting everyone.  This will help to smooth you out and navigate it better. 

2) Increase your Manifestation power: 

We are in the middle of a massive manifestation process  that's been unfolding since January to give life to the next level of our long-held dreams. We have seen steps towards its fruition throughout the spring, with an increase in momentum into the summer as it takes greater shape and form.  This "plug in" to Universal Source energy will boost your clarity and manifestation power. 

3) Embody the Divine Feminine 

Imbibe in the rarified essence of the divine feminine. She has messages and experiences to share that trace to a lost lineage and history that went underground for two millenia (at least!). Her resurfacing is awakening the planet. She has a missing piece to Oneness (our divine humanity) and the secret to intentional creation.  Her message is one of love, healing, and initiation. Come bask in this energy, receive codes and messages, and your own personalized transformative experience. 


- Solstice is a powerful day for spiritual experience and manifestation (practiced by ancients since antiquity)
- Labyrinth is an ancient tool for transcendence and transformation (plus a secret history to the Divine Feminine)
- Divine Feminine holds a missing piece to our Oneness. (So profound it rewrites everything we know!

This event will begin at the labyrinth and finish in the dome. 

It is non-denominational and can be enjoyed by people of all genders, faiths, spiritual traditions, and beliefs

Jessica Martinson is a high-frequency awakened being with a compelling array of superpowers. As a healer and mentor, she has the ability to feel what is happening your body in real time and accurately read your energy field. Funny, grounded, and practical, she has 20 years experience as business consultant and coach in the corporate world, and a Masters from Columbia University in Business.  She travels the world visiting sacred places and discovering their secrets. Known for her energy transmissions and ability to change the physical state in a moment, this is a unique experience that you do not want to miss. 

Wednesday, June 20th, 2018,  6:30-8:30pm  | $20



LOCATION: (in the Asheville, NC Area) 

United Research Light Center 

2196 NC Highway 9; Black Mountain, NC  |  828.669.6845